The Liberal candidate in Hochelaga fears for her safety

marwah-rizqy-portait-couleurs-partiA Montreal Liberal candidate fears for his safety after his car had apparently been stolen, damaged and abandoned last Friday when she had just obtained a recount in his constituency.

Marwah Rizqy, wearing the colors of the Liberal Party in Hochelaga, challenges the legality of the election it lost by 500 votes, according to interim results.

Reportedly, his entourage is now on alert.

Since then, “she has not slept at home”, told La Presse a source in the entourage of Mrs. Rizqy and very aware of the situation. “If it is an act of intimidation, it is successful. But it continues nonetheless. ”

The Lexus Hybrid uses Ms. Rizqy – but belongs to his mother – disappeared from the entrance of the residence of the Liberal candidate last Thursday night. His team noted that the event occurred soon after his home address was made public in court proceedings related to the election.

The luxury car was found badly damaged in a street of downtown, next day early morning.

“It is impossible that this is a coincidence,” said the source close to Ms. Rizqy, arguing that there are no other reasons to steal a luxury car before the damage and the to abandon. But she would not say whether the candidate’s entourage had suspicions about the perpetrators.

“Marwah fears for his safety. She fears for her physical integrity, “said a second source in the team of Marwah Rizqy.

New Democratic Party (NDP), who arrived in the local election head, you flabbergasted.

“Bullying and vandalism is unacceptable in any case,” said Véronique Breton, spokesman of the party. “Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet has always led a very positive campaign. She believes in the contribution of each policy. ”


The City of Montreal Police Service (SPVM) confirmed to The News that a hybrid Lexus had been found at the intersection of Clark and Villeneuve streets Friday morning.

“The possibility that the car was stolen, it is a hypothesis which will be the subject of investigation,” said the agent Couture Manuel, spokesman of the forces of order.

It is a citizen called the police because the luxury car partially blocking the road. “At the police arrived, there was nobody on site,” said Couture agent.

The police investigation is ongoing.


Reached by La Presse, Ms. Rizqy refused to comment on the situation, explaining that it was bound to silence for the duration of the judicial process.

Last week, Judge France Dulude of the Superior Court allowed his application for a recount and recount takes place these days in a local constituency.

Counsel for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) advocated including in Hochelaga that voting was marred by numerous irregularities, including a scrutineer in fury threatening to “set fire” to his polling station. It also argued that the count of votes in several urns did not match the number of voters expected to have expressed their choice.

According to the current results, the outgoing NDP MP Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet defeated his Liberal opponent by 541 votes on October 19.

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