The liberal Marie Claire Ouellet returned to the senior civil service

marie-claire-ouellet(Quebec) A liberal-going, Marie Claire Ouellet, reinstates the highest echelons of the Quebec public service.

The ministerial team of Philippe Couillard was appointed to the prestigious position of Associate Deputy Minister for International Relations and Francophonie. A year ago, it had been designated “Strategic Advisor Deputy Minister’s office” Tourism, a position created to reallocate in the top jobs.

Ms. Ouellet has a long track record in Liberal governments. She was press officer for ten years of the influential minister Marc-Yvan Côté, under Robert Bourassa. She then worked for the firm National Public Relations for a decade before Jean Charest does its general secretary to government communication, from 2005 to 2012.

She was sidelined by the election of the Premier Pauline Marois of the Parti Quebecois. It is then “loaned” to the city of Quebec, as associate director at the Tourist Office. When she inherited the use of “Strategic Advisor to the Deputy Minister’s Office,” in 2014, his salary was $ 190 840, slightly higher than the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard.

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