The Liberals are attacking Videotron Room

debat-chambre-mercredi-ministre-ressourcesThe government Couillard sweeps the back of his hand against critics Hydro-Québec by attacking Videotron front, one of the companies of the PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau.

In a debate in the House on Wednesday, the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy, Pierre Arcand, is so taken directly to the Quebec telecommunications giant, Quebecor and the conglomerate. This is the first time the Liberals splash the jewel of the empire of Mr. Péladeau, one of its most profitable businesses.

The Minister answered the spokesman PQ in terms of energy, Bernard Drainville, which in the question period, accusing Hydro-Québec to act “Shylock” by imposing interest rate of 14.4% for accounts paid late.

Mr. Arcand took up the ball by asking how Videotron and Quebecor Media in interest rate billed to customers deadbeats and the conglomerate to the new PQ leader. “I’m curious to know what Videotron, Quebecor Media, all of these companies there, charge (sic) when customers are late,” said he said.

From the time he was president of Hydro’s Board of Directors, Mr. Péladeau appeared however not be formalized in interest rates of the corporation, the Minister added.

Mr. Drainville returned to the charge in denouncing practices of Hydro to its customers, at a time when the corporation was liquidated equipment 79 million to less than $ 75,000, according to the latest report of the Auditor General .

“They (the Liberals) slaughter of the world and they are happy about that, you load (sic) usurious rates of shylock,” commented MP Marie-Victorin.

Not removed, the Minister even added stating that the telecommunications giant was much worse. “In the case of Videotron, when customers are late, it is 19.56%,” he began.

During a press conference shortly afterwards, before going to the meeting of Council of Ministers, Mr. Arcand was forbidden to want to discredit a leading Quebec company. He assured that his attack was the PQ opposition.

Videotron has become over the years the company most flourishing Quebecor group. In the first quarter, Quebecor telecom revenues, mostly generated by Vidéotron, were 762.5 million, on total revenues of $ 948.6 million for all of Quebecor.

Videotron claims to have nearly 1.8 million subscribers to its cable television service, a penetration rate of over 63% in homes and Quebec businesses. The company has 1.5 million subscribers to its mobile phone service.

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