The list Rachid Badouri

rachid-badouri-produira-bientot-anglaisThe comedian Rachid Badouri lives these days a turning point in his professional life. Having conquered the public in Canada, Europe and Africa, he tackles a new market since Thursday by performing in English at the Ethnic Show Just for Laughs. This show, which will be presented 18 times at Club Soda until July 19, could propel the internationally Anglophone humor.

“I was warned that the hall would host daily talents of researchers, he said. Just for Laughs is the largest comedy festival in the world in English. There will be at Club Soda a guy who is a festival in Chicago, another in Dubai, one in Australia, one for a role in a Hollywood movie, another for the first part of Dave Chappelle, does quote -it example. And all these people here will find what they need. ”

All English humorists of time are at Just for Laughs this year. This means that the competition is fierce. “I was very nervous at first, but after running 60 performances all over Montreal and even in Rochester, New York, I feel more confident, says Rachid Badouri. Especially since the last show I did in late June, with Mike Ward at the Comedy Nest. Mike told me that I was ready. This is the sentence that I expected. “After the Ethnic Show Rashid Badouri Dance will present ton cinéma July 25 outside at the Just for Laughs. A show with 250 dancers in which he will present dance performances of his show Stop your movie.

Then he resumed the thread of his last solo performances show, Reloaded, Laval from 28 July to 1 August. While hoping to receive a call … in English. “I really staked everything on the Ethnic Show, he said. It’s like Hollywood or the world of English comedy was moving for you in Montreal. We francophones, we tend to forget the importance of Just for Laughs, but it’s huge. ”



“This film was my favorite. A phrase from the movie made me roll over. That’s when the teacher apologize to the young. He said he has no choice to be demanding of young prodigies, as it would be remiss if one of those was the next Miles Davis and that without the pushing enough, he never emerged. ”


X Ambassadors

“I was stunned by a song that was playing in an advertisement Jeep, I went on the internet and I discovered that lots of people asked also who were the perpetrators of this song. This is the Renegades tune, sung by the group X Ambassadors. This song, very summery, is perfect on Highway 15, with the sun roof! ”


Guido Grasso

“I met recently the Montreal comedian of Italian origin Guido Grasso, who introduced me to his family Italian restaurant, Sapori di Napoli, which is located in Saint-Laurent … in the Arab neighborhood! Must do it! A simple restaurant but where crispy pizza is excellent. A real favorite for the Italian art of cooking but also to make people laugh. ”


ITouch Initiative

“In the category tribute to an activity that people can do for free, my friend Jonathan Rasier decided to act in Montreal North. With his friends of the iTouch initiative, he organizes every Saturday in July at 13h, in the Henri-Bourassa Park, social events with soccer, haircuts and makeup sessions! This will involve young people and to make interesting cross-cultural encounters. ”


Gardy Fury in Grease

“I encourage people to go see the Grease musical for Gardy Fury, 10 minute performance which is breathtaking. What an amazing artist! He sings, dances and plays perfectly. We regret he left so early in Grease! This is the third time I see him on stage after Hairspray and Sister Act. And it is always good … “At the Théâtre St-Denis 1 until August 1.

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