The magic always operates with Varekai

This Varekai, Cirque du Soleil
This Varekai, Cirque du Soleil
Deep within a forest, exotic, beautiful, on top of a volcano, a young boy named Icarus, dressed in white, falls from the sky and landed in the middle of gorgeous creatures with sparkling colors. They steal his wings, the poor finding themselves trapped in their net, a pretext for it soars through the air with blows of dives and contortions that will appeal their poignant lyricism.

Five acrobats then bring to to impress with their pirouettes that intersect the ground, which will be followed by the prowess of a cheerleader doing the envy of all the ladies who once wielded the stick already in their youth . She will twirl three together at breakneck speed on his hands, his elbows and forearms without an escape.

Renowned for its clown acts, Varekai will we then find a formidable duo of a clumsy magician and a plump blonde assistant and a tad lewd, who throughout the evening will provoke more laughter and some good slaps on thighs.

Spectacular is the Georgian dance number where the dancers whirl constantly jumping on their knees, showing a stamina, accuracy and a frenzy foolproof.

Back from the intermission, the audience will be welcomed by a magical show of fireflies before being surprised by two outfielders selected wrists by belts, these flying over the scene in an aerial ballet choreography in perfect sync.

Very tiny, a young woman will lift it high, clutching her trapeze, the beautiful writhing and sliding from one figure to another, the public is amazed by its flexibility and address a surgical precision, slightest misstep can cause it to fall.

Obviously, when the entire procession of characters advance in a flamboyant color mosaic to the sound of loud music, we guess – the disappointed heart – as the end approaches. Two Russian swings will be installed, the equipment used to springboard acrobats will be powered before landing flawless on the wrists of their partners and then jump a swing merrily to another.

Enchanting, traditional Armenian melodies performed by an orchestra will be a pure delight for the ears while the costumes will finish more dazzled by their splendor. This Varekai will be remembered a great human adventure driven by artists for whom the body – beyond his enormous physical power – is also a beautiful work of art.

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