The major internet providers will open their fiber to competitors

internetCanadian regulatory authorities have declared Wednesday that major Internet service providers in the country should offer their competitors access to their fiber network.

These new requirements will allow ISPs smaller access to higher-speed networks.

The Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) calculates that its decision should generate more intense competition in the market for Internet broadband services.

“The large incumbents will now allow their competitors to utilize their fiber facilities. This will ensure Canadians greater choice of high-speed Internet and the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of broadband at home and at work, “the CRTC said in a statement.

The big telecommunications groups, including Bell ( T.BCE ), Rogers ( T.RCI.B ), ​​Telus ( TT ) and Shaw ( T.SJR.B ) made ​​their fiber services available to about three million Canadian homes so far. But they have also limited access for smaller service providers to their slower networks, through cable or copper son systems.

The CRTC also indicated that migrated to unbundled model for providing Internet access to high speed, forcing smaller ISPs to invest in equipment to access networks of different locations. According to him, this could, however, help to reduce costs for smaller Internet service providers.

The implementation of the new model will take place gradually throughout the country, starting in Ontario and Quebec.

There are more than 500 Internet service providers in the country, including Distributel, Primus and Teksavvy.

Currently, large companies are obliged to provide access to their smaller competitors on a “bundled” basis, which meant that the latter could enter only from one location by province.

The CRTC also indicated that all the supplements in force remain unchanged. The establishment of any new supplement for wholesale services will be determined by case.

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