The many faces Uber

service-uberx-presente-comme-voitures(Quebec) The American technology company Uber, which develops transport-related applications, is much talk in recent months. However, it must distinguish the various services offered by the company.

In Montreal, for example, the company offers UberSélect services, through which the luxury car drivers are available for a base price of $ 5 plus a $ 0.40 rate per minute and $ 2.40 of km; UberXL with SUV drivers for $ 5 plus $ 0.35 per minute and $ 1.35 of km; and UberTaxi, a reference service in collaboration with taxi permit owners.

It is however the UberX Service, presented as “everyday cars for everyday use, simpler and more reliable than a taxi for a price” that cringe taxi companies. This service is only offered by Uber in Quebec City for a base price of $ 2.75, plus $ 0.40 per minute and $ 0.90 from km.

Elsewhere in the world, Uber more diversified its activities with particular courier services and shipping boxes. There are some days, the company also announced UberEats want to put the test bench, a new meal delivery service more elaborate than existing products.

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