The merchants of the Old Port of Quebec speechless representation

commercants-place-royale-vieux-port(Quebec) While the issues multiply in the Old Port of Quebec, sector traders are now without representation votes. Their association is inactive effect since the project of creating a Business Development Corporation (SDC) failed last October.

“We felt that there was no will” on the part of traders in the sector for such a project, tells the Sun François-David Bernier, former spokesman of the Business Association of Place- Royale / Vieux-Port, which has a hundred members.

Because of this “uncertainty”, the project committee chose to abandon says Mr. Bernier, and even if the committee members were themselves for the creation of a CDS. “People in the organization wanted a CDS. Me, I thought, I still believe. It takes it, “says former spokesman, who did not hide his disappointment. “It had to become a CDS.”

However, the negotiations surrounding the creation of the SDC seem to have been conducted in a tense, according to sources from the sun. Among them, Elijah Dedes restaurant owner La Pizz, at the Place Royale, think the budget deficit reached $ 100,000 by the Business Association of Place-Royale / Vieux-Port in 2014 is not foreign to project failure. And it goes further: “. The association has more reason to be with such a deficit”

A view that would be shared by all the board members of the association, who all left office in early 2015, says Mr. Dedes. The irritant could have been caused primarily by a lack of transparency of the masterminds of the organization on the reasons for the deficit.

As for the traders themselves, they rejected the idea of ​​a TCS because this organization would made them liable for the deficit, as Dedes.

Initially the project was to bring together in a single entity the association of business people in Place Royale / Old Port and the Quartier Petit Champlain cooperative, but it would have withdrawn after as had been unveiled the deficit of the association, says Mr. Dedes.

François-David Bernier fears meanwhile that the loss of a united voice representing traders play against them in regard to industry challenges. “You see what it’s like now with Dalhousie Parking” which users will be relocated during the construction of the square of the Boating Party. “The City no longer recognizes associations. They are not official partners. ”

Mr. Bernier said he left the organization after the failure of the project, as the Director General, Gilbert Tremblay, which mentioned same Monday to Sun than the association “no longer exists”.

Money City

In February 2013, the City of Québec announced the injection of $ 1.6 million over four years to encourage the creation of new TCS, in respect of an annual maximum of $ 50,000 per grouping. In return, the associations of business people chose not to structure in SDC would lose their municipal funding, which amounted to approximately $ 30,000 per year. This was intended to establish a post of permanent leadership in each group of business people.

The problem is that by law, all traders of the relevant commercial artery must contribute to their CDS, while membership is voluntary associations in the model of business people.

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