The Montreal Mafia shaken by a vendetta

outre-famille-amis-membres-liesAt least two killings in recent weeks in Montreal would like shading a vengeance after a failed attempt to murder in the middle of Italian organized crime, according to what La Presse has learned from various sources.

These murders are those of Marco Claudio Campellone, 24, killed on September 18 in front of the family home in Rivière-des-Prairies, and a red allegiance street gang member killed earlier this month in the east of Montreal.

Reportedly, the two young men were part of a group of individuals associated with the Mafia and street gangs who want to make their place in the east of the city and do not hesitate to resort to violence.

According to our sources, the murders result from a clan vendetta orchestrated by the Mafia which a member was the target of an attack towards the end of summer. The targeted individual was however not injured.

Others related to this failed attack have been advised by the police that their lives would be threatened. Our sources are wondering how many victims and at what level in the hierarchy of the Montreal mafia will stop this revenge.

Mafia weakened

Since the natural death of Vito Rizzuto in December 2013, the Montreal Mafia is led by a board composed of established mafia son and cell lieutenants, framed by a former second sponsor deceased.

Some members of this group attended the funeral of Marco Campellone that occurred Tuesday in a church of Rivière-des-Prairies.

The group is itself part of an alliance formed with bikers and influential gang leaders. Even before Vito Rizzuto had finished serving his sentence of eight years in prison in the United States and even after he returned to Montreal in fall 2012, this alliance has helped maintain relative peace, but our sources fear this feud will break a fragile balance maintained since the death of the sponsoring influential.

Despite significant financial resources, the Montreal Mafia is weakened since the wars that have thinned its ranks between 2005 and 2013 and the Colosseum operation 2006. And since the death of Vito Rizzuto, unsettled periods alternate with moments of lull, while management of the Mafia is constantly questioned.

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