The most expensive parking in area hospitals

couts-pour-stationnements-differents-hopitauxIt will cost more to park in the parking lots of different hospitals in the region, as of the end of August. This is in Dolbeau-Mistassini that the new bill will be saltier, with an increase of $ 16 for a weekly ticket and $ 20 for a monthly ticket.

The new pricing, which was accepted by the Board of Directors of the Integrated University Health Centre and Social Services (CIUSSS) of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean on June 21, offers mostly increases, but also some lows.

In Dolbeau-Mistassini, it cost $ 4 to park 16 minutes, and the price was the same for parking or even 4 hours and more for a lost ticket. The price is now set at $ 8 for a lost ticket and $ 6 for 4 hours or more. The fee for a weekly parking pass from $ 14 to $ 30. Monthly rates from $ 30 to $ 50, up $ 20.

Pricing gradually take office from the end of August and early September. It is a measure of “fiscal optimization” to fetch additional revenue. The location, traffic and market value of each park were analyzed.

In Alma, the weekly rate from $ 25 to $ 30. The monthly rate also increased from $ 5 ($ 50 to $ 55).

In Roberval, the rate increases slightly (25 and under 50) between 16 minutes and 2 hours. The weekly price goes from $ 28 to $ 30 and the monthly rate of $ 50 to $ 55.

In Jonquière, users will have to pay $ 1 or $ 2 more for visits of less than 2 hours, but pay less for a weekly pass ($ 35 to $ 30) and a monthly pass ($ 60 to $ 55) .

At The Bay, the rate was standardized, cost $ 6 for a tour of 16 minutes, and the same price for a visit to 4h. Henceforth, from 16 to 30 minutes to the hospital will cost $ 4 to the Bay, and $ 5 for a visit from 31 to 60 minutes.

In Chicoutimi, the lost ticket will cost from late August $ 10 rather than $ 9. Only prices “daily” and “31 to 60 minutes’ were up $ 1.


Employees also are affected by the measure. At headquarters CIUSSS, while there was previously no weekly rate, parking now cost $ 5.60 per week. In general, the prices for employees but does not increase or little. In the MRC Domaine-du-Roy, Maria-Chapdelaine and Lac-Saint-Jean-Est, the rate is $ 3 to $ 4 per week for employees. At The Bay, the increase is $ 0.75 per week.

With respect to doctors, whose pricing is not the same as for other employees, the amounts presented in the documents of CIUSSS are on an annual basis, not weekly. The increase will be $ 26 annually for physicians in the MRC Domaine-du-Roy, $ 12 in Jonquiere, $ 2.96 at The Bay and $ 26 in Lac-Saint-Jean-Est. The only significant increase is the $ 104 in Maria-Chapdelaine. However, the amount you spent previously was the lowest in the region (from $ 156 to $ 260 annually).

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