The mother of Samantha Higgins: “It stole my daughter”

samantha-higginsThe body of a young mother was found dismembered in Hinchinbrooke Thursday night, Monteregie. Samantha Higgins, aged 22, a woman apparently without history, would have been mutilated, transported and abandoned near the Canada-US border. The culprit still at large.

The dismembered body of Samantha Higgins, a young mother of two, was found Thursday in a bag under a bridge in Hinchinbrooke, Montérégie. She had been seen for the last time on the night of Monday to Tuesday in the borough of LaSalle.

“The killer or killers stole my daughter. They flock to her grandparents, her fiance and her children. I will never accept that someone has taken his life, a good person. ”

Vanessa Higgins lives a nightmare. His daughter, missing for three days, was found dead, dismembered, near a stream on Thursday night.

The young victim, who had recently engaged, was the mother of a 4 year old and another 3 months.

“I am beside myself. It is extremely hard. I’m still trying to pick up the pieces. He must find out who did this, I could never accept that someone has taken the life of my daughter, a good person, “said the lump in his throat, Vanessa Higgins interview with The Gazette. According to the mother, her daughter spent the vast majority of her time caring for her children and hardly ever went out. To her knowledge, she had “no problems with anyone” nor received any threats.

For now, the police does not exclude any hypothesis to explain the crime, not even the victim may have known her killer.

Under a bridge

It is 60 kilometers from the place where Samantha Higgins had been seen the last time an employee of a dairy farm made the gruesome discovery at 18h Thursday. The dismembered body of the young woman was in a bag under a bridge. It is unclear how long he was there. It was only late yesterday afternoon that the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) was able to confirm that it was Samantha Higgins. “Some elements might suggest that it was her. We were able to identify the victim through the formal identification of the coroner, “said Melanie Dumaresq, spokesperson of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

Yesterday, in the small municipality of Hinchinbrooke, near the US border, the lives of the farmers of the area did not seem thoroughly upset by the tragic find. The owner of the dairy farm where the body was found was performing his work of the day, even if it was inside the security perimeter established by the Sûreté du Québec.

In order to find clues, police scoured until late yesterday afternoon adjacent fields at the dairy farm where the body was discovered. Some of them were in particular with metal detectors. The SQ helicopter also flew over the area in the morning, while divers were inspecting the stream.

None of the residents of this agricultural sector encountered by La Presse knew the victim. Estelle Roy, a resident of Hinchinbrooke was shocked that such a tragedy occurs as near her home. “It could be someone who came to cast his body,” she suggested in La Presse, before knowing the identity of the victim.

The Sûreté du Québec plans to work “closely with the SPVM to determine the circumstances of the disappearance of the moment when she was found [Thursday] night,” said Melanie Dumaresq, spokesperson for the SQ ( SQ).

Ten minutes from her home

Samantha Higgins was last seen on the night of Monday to Tuesday while she was visiting a friend in the borough of LaSalle, near Newman Boulevard. According to the CBC, she would have called her fiance, she attended for seven years, around 1:10 to say she soon got home. Although she was only ten minutes walk, Samantha is never returned home. Concerned relatives have promptly informed the authorities. The Police Department of the City of Montreal has launched a review of disappearance Thursday stating in particular that she was wearing a pink dress that night.

These relatives were quick to mobilize in the hope of finding their friend. Some even a battered in the Angrignon park and the surroundings of Newman Boulevard. Already, late yesterday afternoon, over 4,000 people had joined a Facebook group created to orchestrate research. But since the announcement terrible, hope turned to horror and condolences to multiply words on the page.

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