The Municipal Board will investigate in Racine

francois-boissonneaultThe Quebec Municipal Commission will investigate the complaint lodged by the Racine City Council against Mayor François Boissonneault.

This is what the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy and the director general of the municipality confirmed to The Tribune.

Recall that in addition to a vote of censure against the mayor in January, requiring the more respect in its dealings with colleagues and citizens, six councilors complained to Mamot for its repeated breaches of the obligations concerning respect for people.

A group of five people had also complained to Mamot, in the same spirit, a few weeks ago, following the stormy regular meeting on 7 December 2015.

This citizen complaint was rejected, said the Mamot because the file was “incomplete”.

The complaint is deemed admissible elected, it “was forwarded for investigation” at the Quebec Municipal Commission, which describes itself on its website as a tribunal, a public inquiry, mediator, administrator and guardian for municipalities in difficulty and an advisory body to the Minister of municipal Affairs and land occupancy.

According Camire Melisa, Director General and Secretary-Treasurer of Racine, the Municipal Board has appointed a person to meet the parties in the case but the date of the meeting has not been set.

The most severe judgments of the Municipal Commission in similar cases have resulted in a suspension of three months of the elected blamed notes Ms. Camire.

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