The mysteries of space and microcosm are unachievable for Mr. Stephen Hawking and his surrounding

Scientific elite pursues its science of space and microcosm with the help of 20th century knowledge standards.

Anatoliy Grigoriyevich Ivanov,ukrainian astrophysicist.
25 August 2015 Stephen Hawking declared his new discovery. This one lies in the field of so called black holes problem. International scientific elite is concerned of probable impossibility (in its judgments) to predict the future and reconstruct past of galaxies and even the Universe. They don’t know that in 2003 in the article “Alive Universe Organism” the author represented the circularity theory of stars and galaxies’ vital activities. This theory fully and exactly describes the stationary model of the Universe, the past and the future of its components.
The scientists Stephen Hawking, Malcolm Perry and Andrew Strominger claim that the matter penetrated into a black hole is evaporated there due to so called “Hawking radiation”. These scientists operate outdated knowledge standards distinctive for 20th century. If you ask such honorable scientists about stars interior arrangement they will tell you about “white, yellow and brown dwarfs”, “supergiants”, “novas” and “supernovas”. They are completely convinced that the Sun consists of proton plasma. This knowledge level is distinctive for 20th century.
These scientists don’t know that there is a neutron star in the central part of any star in the Universe. They don’t know that there are no collapses of even large and massive stars, there are some little black holes. They know almost nothing about stars at all.
If you ask them about black holes interior arrangement they will answer that such matter is unknown for the modern science. But they will start telling you about black hole interior tunnel, which makes possible to travel to another Universe. Formerly such scientists were sure that information dies in black holes. And then they allegedly discovered the fact that information doesn’t penetrate inside a black hole, but restore at “black hole event horizon”. They will tell you about “black hole evaporation” due to “Hawking radiation”. If you disregard such fantasies about information loss and revival, you will find out the fact that these scientists think in terms of 20th century.
In the authors’ academic paper “Internal Arrangement and the Pseudoscience” it was proved that neutron stars and black holes almost in 100% consists of densely packed neutrons. Packed neutrons arrangement as a part of such space objects is shown on the picture below. There are no tunnels inside any black hole. That’s absolutely impossible. Black holes never evaporate. All of that contradicts to any physical law. Actually apparent light-weight black hole jets are the kinds of usual optical radiation. Such scientists don’t know that all black holes in the Universe have the form of oblong rotating ellipsoid. Black holes rotate at a great rate. Optical radiation comes from oblong rotating ellipsoid frontal surfaces and then goes beyond black hole critical radius limits. This problem is described in author’s work “Black Holes and Their Jets”. This is the same optical radiation as we can observe in thin proton membrane neutron stars. But black holes optical radiation is much more powerful due to its high surface temperatures. Light-weight black hole jets formation is shown on the picture below.

Light-weight black hole optical radiation emission.
Such scientists don’t know that the Universe is a steady-state system and that there wasn’t such an event as Big Bang. All events in the Universe recur repeatedly according to some sequence. Information cached by black hole in the centre of the Universe reappears again but by entirely different way. Every galaxy activity cycle in the Universe lasts hundred billion years. Once per cycle, after every galaxy compression process completion, almost all neurons of a black hole central part transform into electromagnetic emanation. All such processes are described by the author in his works for hundreds of times. They have been developed in more than a hundred scientific works and these works are accessible now via the Internet. But those scientists accustomed to listen only to themselves and anything else is not interesting for them.
Those scientists don’t know that a Ukrainian scientist created “The Theory of Everything” more than two years ago. He formulated and justified “Ten Fundamental Space Principles”. These principles are available via the Internet too. But those scientists don’t know any of them. How could they develop functional universe “theories” if they don’t know anything about neither stars, nor galaxies, or the Universe?
They even don’t know that all elementary particles and nucleons have no quarks or gluons. The principles of elementary particle design are described by the author in more than 40 works, available via the Internet for more than two years. But much earlier in several works the author proved that there is no Higgs boson particle. This fact conclusively described in the author’s work “Absurd that is called Higgs boson” that is available in the Internet since 23.03.2014. But Stephen Hawking and the company go on their Large Hadron Collider scientific investigation program to discover little black holes, quark-gluon plasma and supersymmetry participles, despite the fact that there are no such physical phenomena. All responsibility for Large Hadron Collider failures should be put on an account of Stephen Hawking and the company. They are planning LHC operation knowing almost nothing about microcosm organization.
These scientists disinform their government about global warming principles. They don’t know that the Sun is the only reason of global warming.
Nearly all the information of Stephen Hawking’s works about space and microcosm is a total fiction. “Black hole evaporation” is one of such fictions. Real science of space and microcosm is presented by the author from Russia in 200 works, which are available in the Internet.
Unfortunately, the scientific community got accustomed to listen to Stephen Hawking and his colleagues only.
14.01.2016. Chernihiv city.

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