The mysterious Musketeers of New France

membres-garde-lys-participent(Quebec) Was there really musketeers in New France? If we put the question to Pierre-Luc Lavallee, Guard Captain of the Lys, which offers fencing classes every day to Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, we learn that it is a possibility, although nothing on clearly proves.

“If there was, it was in 1665, while 24 guards were sent to protect Prouville Alexander, Marquis de Tracy, governor of New France from May to September 1665. They sailed from La Rochelle up ‘Caribbean and then reassembled in New France at the same time Alexander Prouville “says Lavallee.

The only problem is that historical records do not indicate whether these guards were or not the Musketeers. However, we know that there were musketeers in France during this period. “The Musketeers were the elite of the army, genuine suicide bombers who were first on the front line,” says Lavallée stating that on arriving in New France, many French soldiers have swapped their sword, little effective for fighting forest, an ax.

In short, if musketeers there were in New France, they were only 24 and have only spent a few months in the “new world”.

“It is also possible that these 24 guards were the” companions “, whose training was not the same. The Musketeers had to know wield swords and muskets, “Mr. Lavallee.

Pierre-Luc Lavallée is a little historian Guard Lys, which pageants in addition to being a fencing school.

Fencing and history

Hailing from Montreal, Lanaudière and Montérégie, the 25 Guard members saw their business take the turn of the pageant after they pass the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France in 2011.

Since they participate in ten events per year with cloak, tricorn hat, boots, gaiters, pistol and sword.

“All this equipment costs from $ 3000 to $ 4000 per person,” said Charles Legault, head of security, while his comrades teach fencing to children.

Their equipment is also very hot, especially in a period when the mercury often exceeds 25 ° C. “Today is not as bad because there is a little wind. However, it must hydrate enough. Last year, our captain had a sunstroke, “concludes Mr. Legault.

One thing is certain, adding costumed gives color to the practice of fencing in addition to allowing members of the Guard Lys to slip into the skin of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D ‘Artagnan.

“But they did not work together in real life.

We also know that there were three captains D’Artagnan who were musketeers, including Charles de Batz, who have inspired the character of Dumas, “concludes Pierre-Luc Lavallee.

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