The NDP is preparing a major blitz

ancien-pasteur-pentecotiste-saint-romuald(Ottawa) The New democratic Party (NDP) is preparing to send 2 250 000 flyers in the homes of Quebec by next Tuesday in order to praise the qualities of Thomas Mulcair, present its team of candidates, and explain its ambitions if it forms the next government on October 19.

This important blitz troops neo-democrats, which is part of the electoral strategy developed at the beginning of the year, to coincide with the period of the feast of the Work, the date on which the real election campaign will take off, according to strategists of all political parties.

In the ranks of neo-democrats, that mass mailing of flyers through Post Canada demonstrates that the NDP take nothing for granted in Quebec even if it holds a comfortable lead in the polls.

All in all, the NDP has printed nearly 3 million of these leaflets. Approximately 750 000 will be distributed by the candidates and the party activists themselves in the 78 districts of Quebec when they make door-to-door, or go to the meeting of the voters in some districts, according to information obtained by The Press.

“Together, replace Stephen Harper,” one can read on the leaflet. “Tom Mulcair is an experienced leader and he has a concrete plan. With you and with the NDP team, make the necessary change in Ottawa.”

The conservatives referred to

In addition to presenting the local candidates as a function of the riding, and the NDP is launching a few arrows in the direction of the conservatives of Stephen Harper. “The Harper conservatives have done their time. Quebecers do not have confidence in this prime minister who chooses evil its priorities and makes its decisions in secret”, can be read in the brochure.

The NDP also states its commitments to fight climate change, to give a boost to the manufacturing sector by reducing taxes for small and medium-sized companies from 11% to 9% in order to create employment and to assist the provinces to retype the infrastructure in the country.

It also reminds us of his achievements of the past four years, including his battle against the proposed oil port in Cacouna, the adoption of the draft law obliging the agents of Parliament to be bilingual as soon as their appointment, and the cancellation fees of sending bank statements.

“We have three objectives in conducting this blitz: first present our leader, then explain our vision and introduce our team. There is a space reserved for our chef, a space for our local candidate and another for our vision,” said a source in the neo-democrat.

Why such a mass mailing, while the NDP is leading in the polls? “We’ve established our game plan last January, that is to say, to present our leader as being the person with the most experience and with the best skills to replace Stephen Harper. We decided to keep our game plan, even if the elections have been triggered earlier. This operation shows that we have an organization on the ground, it took root and has the means to keep it,” added the source.

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