The new Obama plan to close Guantanamo is delayed

camps-guantanamoUS lawmakers said Tuesday they reconduiraient a year the prohibition on transferring the US prisoners at Guantanamo Bay on Cuba, President Barack Obama has not submitted plan Closing in Congress.

Transfers in the US were banned by Congress in 2011, preventing the US president’s promise to close the military prison was created in 2002, in which 113 prisoners in the “war against terrorism” are still.

Elected officials Tuesday presented their draft law on defense in 2016, in which the restrictions are reinstated. Congress should adopt in the coming weeks.

“If the administration complains action on Guantanamo, it is their fault because they have never presented plan, then we could probably have the support to finally resolve this problem,” said Senator John McCain, the Republican chairman of the Committee of Defense of the Senate.

He had met about this Barack Obama in the White House, which he said has never followed despite its promises. John McCain is a Republican favorable to closing.

But “the plan happen,” assured the Democratic Representative Adam Smith. “I talked to them, they are considering several options, the plan was expected several weeks ago and is expected to soon”.

He explained that the aim was to find a high-security prison where imprisoned between 45 and 50 individuals deemed dangerous.

Two places were under consideration this summer: the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and the Navy Brig in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Congress also prohibits transfers in four countries including the security situation makes it impossible to control: Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia. However, the majority of inmates are classified releasable from Yemen.

The last three releases in September, have made to the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

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