The next PQ congress in spring 2017

chef-pq-pierre-karl-peladeau(Quebec) The Parti Quebecois (PQ) will take its time to rewrite Article 1 of its program, one on Quebec sovereignty.

His next big national congress not finally take place next fall, as was a scenario circulating in recent weeks, but in spring 2017.

Fall 2016 does not allow sufficient time to prepare the “main clause” of the party, says the president of the formation, Raymond Archambault, in interview with Le Soleil. In the PQ and political jargon, the main proposal is generally the basis for a future party program.

She percolera to the activists, who will have the opportunity to submit amendments through various bodies.

Political Calendar

The main proposal will be prepared by the Political Committee of the party, which is headed by a new president, Philippe Dufort.

However, this proposal will not be ready until August 2016, explains Raymond Archambault. Once it has been drafted, it will allow time for riding associations to organize local congresses. These should be held during the autumn 2016.

The winter will be spent in 2017, he, the regional congress. Which will bring the party national congress in spring 2017, in about 18 months.

In politics, timing control means having an outlet on the elements – at least hope do we ever. The 2017 Congress will be held in the middle of the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Also, Quebec will be at that time closer to elections in October 2018, which will enable the party and its activists to better assess how far to go with the program.

“Appropriate moment”

Technically, the bylaws provide that the Parti Quebecois national congress is held every four years. The last took place in 2011. During the next six years will therefore elapsed between the two.

The congresses should be held every four years, unless specific events, like the election of a new leader, says Raymond Archambault. The Congress of the genre together more than 2000 activists.

Adopted at the last convention of the PQ in April 2011, section 1 of the current program is based on the idea of ​​”appropriate time.” It reads: “Aspiring to political freedom, the PQ’s main objective is to achieve Quebec sovereignty following a public consultation by referendum held when deemed appropriate by the government.”

There are some years that Article 1 was of more proactive accents. It stipulated that a referendum on Quebec sovereignty would be held “as soon as possible in the next mandate.”

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