The niqab, the issue that the NDP and the PLC can no longer dispose

enjeu-niqab-semble-imposer-commeThe Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) had not planned to make an election issue of the niqab, says the candidate Gérard Deltell – an assertion contradicted by the party. But expected or not, the challenge is making waves in his riding and elsewhere in Quebec.

“This is not an election issue that fell or was remotely controlled by a political party,” insists vigorously that which occurs as a Conservative in the riding of Louis-Saint-Laurent, Quebec.

“What made it fell in the news, it is the Federal Court of Appeal,” insists Mr. Deltell, seated in a restaurant he hopes to represent the constituency in the House of Commons.

For keeping a fixed date election did not allow the CCP to provide such a tactic – this innovation in the Canadian electoral landscape “ensures that precisely, we can not control or” monitor “the agenda,” says caquiste former MP in the National Assembly.

This is not entirely accurate, fixes a spokesman of the party, Catherine Loubier – in fact, the “agenda” was established contrary, he simply been well served by a “coincidence”, assuredly she, adding in passing that it is normal that candidates are not aware of national strategies.

Thus, the CCP had planned “long time,” she said, to bring the subject up, 16 September. The day fell on the judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal in the cause of Zunera Ishaq, who challenged a Ministerial directive prohibiting Muslim to have her face covered during the swearing.

Recall that the Conservatives had tabled on the last day of the parliamentary proceedings, in June, a bill to ban the wearing of the veil that hides the whole face except the eyes, at citizenship ceremonies.

“But we had not expected (failure to recall the campaign) would have such an impact,” says Ms. Loubier.

The issue of the niqab seems to emerge as one of the turning points of this long campaign of 78 days, which is in its final stretch. Will have to see if the trend continues, but according to surveys, it hurts the Liberals and the New Democrats.

“It costs me of the vote this week. But I do not know if it will cost votes October 19. This will not be the “ballot question.” Finally, I do not think, ‘says Youri Rousseau, Liberal candidate in Louis-Saint-Laurent, The Canadian Press has accompanied door-to-door Saturday.

Create a problem

Former military out of his pocket a caricature of André-Philippe Côté recently published. It shows the Conservative leader Stephen Harper remove a niqab under which he was hiding and hang it on a peg, looking satisfied.

“We created a problem for electoral purposes. This is a total sadness “drops including one who served in Afghanistan.

The Liberal candidate aged 39 says the same breath as citizens with whom he exchanges already speak it more niqab. That since last week, they read newspapers and they “understood”; they let themselves be fooled.

Obviously, what had happened: immediately afterwards, when it resumes its door-to-door session, Youri Rousseau comes face to face with a young man who lavishly garlanded on the question of identity.

“I have nothing against Muslims but there’s just Harper can put a spoke in their wheels at those,” says a voice call without a young man who was in the residence.

The Liberal candidate sighs after reversing direction.

“Me either, I do not like it the veil, but I’m not promoting” explains one who describes himself as a “realistic idealist” who does not see the need to legislate on questions of Rights and Freedoms to a handful of people to whom we want to say “how to dress.”

Especially as children and grandchildren of those who wear the niqab now arriving in Canada “will not wear the veil, because we will have been a host society open, generous, welcoming, as we always has been, “argues Mr. Rousseau.

“Voting veiled”

Its other division rival, the NDP G. Daniel Caron, sometimes too hard to change the conversation these days when he goes to meet the citizens.

When switching from The Canadian Press on Saturday when he went door to door in the same area as his Liberal opponent, he also enjoyed a joke when he asked if she was a citizen vote.

“I’m going to vote veiled” replied the lady, resuming his account including an idea formulated by a Conservative candidate in the Montreal area, Stéphane Guinta.

Like his Liberal opponent, the candidate of the New Democratic Party (NDP) – that seeks to maintain the seat that had been delighted to Josée Verner by the outgoing conservative Democrat MP, Alexandrine Latendresse – hope we will pass another call.

“The niqab is not at stake in this campaign it; The challenge is the record of the Conservative government and what government we want for the next four years, “insists Mr. Caron, former Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, visibly exasperated talking niqab.

“We will not solve the issue of reasonable accommodation during this campaign, he connects. It’s been 15 years to talk about it in Quebec. Is it done? Is Mrs. (Pauline) Marois could fix that? Does Mr. (Bernard) Drainville could resolve the issue? I do not think so.”

For Gérard Deltell, the issue comes down to a matter of “common sense”. And contrary to the claims of his opponents, the issue does not divide voters: “nine out of ten people can not be wrong,” he says.

“Too bad for the other, so what if the NDP and the Liberals are completely disconnected from reality and have no sense of Canadian values. That’s their problem, but I’m very proud to be a member of the party that makes good sense and Canada who proudly defends, “he says.

Since the subject came in the news, the will of the Bloc Quebecois boasts go further than the Conservatives on this issue.

At the leaders’ debate last Thursday, the leader Gilles Duceppe has promised that the first bill would file his training would seek to ban the niqab from voting, the swearing of citizens and receiving government services.

The Deltell candidate would not say if he put away behind the proposal. “We’re not there yet,” he has said simply.

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