The nurses take to the Hill assault

limousine-ministerielle-avec-seulement-chauffeur(Quebec) About 500 disgruntled nurses stormed Parliament Hill in the morning and prevented ministers and MPs to leave to show the inconvenience of forced overtime.

Expertly scattered “commando” before all the exits for vehicles around the parliament, members of the Interprofessional Federation of the Quebec Health demonstrated for nearly an hour.

“It’s really a very peaceful demonstration, said the President of the FIQ, Régine Laurent. The idea was to slow down the departure of the ministers and say, “If it bothers you to be delayed a few minutes by mandatory overtime, imagine for us, that means eight hours.”

A ministerial limousine, with only his driver on board, tried to force a line of protesters on the street Parliamentarians. A small scuffle with officers and police officers who sought to move the FIQ members then broke. The FIQ President eventually intervene to ask people to let the vehicle.

“Too soon and too abruptly, agents of the National Assembly have shaken our world because a car wanted out, said Ms. Lawrence. (…) We agree that the cause for which we fight, it’s much more serious than slow cars within minutes. I think it was a bit “overeacted. ‘”

By blocking the exits of the parliament and the streets taken by elected officials, the FIQ has the impression of having been able to get his message minimizing the impact on citizens. The federation today held an event at the Convention Center.

Although the communication channels remain open, representatives of nurses have left the bargaining table last week, calling it “slapping” government offers. In addition, the government wants to abolish Couillard different premiums such as those for critical care or increased premiums for night and evening.

“We expect the government to be ready to drop us new opportunities in which there is a space for discussion, Ms. Lawrence said. This is what is expected. ”

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