The Offspring: veterans courses and youthful energy

greg-k-dexter-holland-noodles(Quebec) A group can undoubtedly claim veteran status when it starts to mark the 20th anniversary of its defining albums. The Offspring, the title is now fully assumed. The Californian punk rockers who are expected Saturday Festivent have well have grown older, their enthusiasm has not faded, if we trust the guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman.

“It’s like celebrating the birthday of his children,” laughs the affable musician about the course taken by Ignition albums in 2012 and Smash – which earned the group a global success – two years later. “When people ask us what our favorite songs is like asking what is our favorite child, took the guitarist. We pretend that we did not! But then again we like everything we did. It’s like in the family: some children will embarrass their parents more than others, I guess … ”

Noodles personally swear that he has not “baby” favorite in The Offspring discography. “You can see some improvements from one album to another, but I think from Ignition, there are not many things that have changed. It has remained the same group. “He concedes, however, have more fun playing some songs in concert. Among them, he cited the mega-hits Self Esteem, which causes almost every time a “huge impact” in the public … But not everywhere!

“This is a major song for us, confirms the guitarist. You end virtually all of our concerts with it. Except in Japan! There, we will drag the middle of the set if it is played. And it’s not certain that we would. Our Japanese fans do not like Self Esteem. It’s interesting, because everywhere else in the world, the effect is huge, people are jumping like crazy. But not in Japan. ”

The success by surprise

The existence of Kevin Wasserman, like that of his colleagues Dexter Holland (vocals) and Greg K. (bass) – the drummer Ron Welty left the band and now is Pete Parada wielding chopsticks), rocked the Smash publication of the album and its locomotive come out and Play, in 1994. the group existed for 10 years when it was powered on the charts by the third disc, which nobody saw coming commercial success, although beyond the niche punk rock. Surprised by the sudden fame of The Offspring, Noodles even for a moment reconciled his schedule janitor at an elementary school in the rock star.

“I promised my boss to finish the school year. He did not bring a new guy for the busiest time of year. I felt miserable, I was exhausted, but they managed to make it work, “recalls the musician, who was incognito before the schoolchildren … But at least high school students who had a bus stop in front.

Feeling “strange”

“We had a video on TV, the song really turned a lot. Small attending my school were too young to know who I was. But teens had seen me on MTV. And then they saw me sweeping behind children. And they asked me: “Man, what are you doing? ‘” Laughs guitarist, who remembers the “strange” feeling came with this unexpected celebrity.

“Suddenly, people began to love, he added. It was weird. We formed a group for 10 years. And it’s not as if we had changed or done differently. The industry had changed. Nirvana was really smashed doors and that rock fans waiting group had changed. It was not only the metal or rock consensual. I think people began to want something more dangerous, more edgy and perhaps a little more honest. ”

Two decades later, The Offspring no trouble at all to keep his youthful energy, swears his guitarist, who sees the public constantly renew itself.

“This is what we love to do! He says. We get to see the country, to drink beer and play music. And we do it with our friends, for fans who are as young now as they were 20 years ago. It is always relevant is always good music. And there are always new fans coming. This is not something we could have planned. But this is reality! ”

Sharks to wait
Fans waiting for the 10th album of The Offspring will have to wait a bit. “We would have liked to be more advanced at this point, about power throw the disc before the end of the year. But it is still only half way, I would say, “said the guitarist Kevin” Noodles “Wasserman.

In late July, the group has implemented a simple first launched last year (Coming For You) by signing a theme song for the TV drama of the absurd fourth Sharknado series, which is premised on a cyclone raining sharks on Los Angeles.

“I’d never considered before this franchise’s third film, Noodles laughs. I found it so ridiculous … and so funny! ”

The guitarist said even hope that their song – which is also a tribute to the band The Dickies and his song Gigantor – allows to push the collaboration a step further. Hope he seems to be shared by the singer of The Offspring. “Dexter and I dream of doing a cameo in the next film, he argues. So we recorded the song in the hope that it opens the doors to the film set. I’d love to get killed by a shark on the screen! ”

Noodles does not exclude that his group releases new songs on the Web before the release of the 10th album. But the public Festivent however not likely to hear premieres Saturday. “We really do not like to play songs that are not yet available, says the guitarist. We hope that fans hear real songs first, until it was made terrible versions on stage and it ends up on YouTube … ”

Want to go?

Who: The Offspring

When: Saturday at 21:30 (first part of Mute at 20h)

Where: Champigny park, Saint-Jean-Chrysostome

Access: day tickets from $ 17.40 (13 and older), passport five days at $ 34.79

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