The Old friends sweeten the beak

personnes-vieux-amisLes Petits Freres emphasize their poor 30 years old in 2016 and the body of friends had the heart to the Sunday feast, the ones who were invited to the sugar shack to celebrate Easter.

“We are happy to come to your sweet tooth, especially since I have a sweet tooth and the doctor said it was okay! “Rejoiced Isabelle Prince.

To the lady of 91 years (old), most recent outing was a reason to brag about the organization to which she joined there almost four years to counter isolation.

“I love the Little Brothers; it’s a great combination to help us and get us out of here, singles. You meet a lot of people, we made friends and we had some great outings. ”

In total, more than 120 people feasted at Erabilis, which quickly cleared the doubt qu’entretenait the Executive Director of the Little Brothers in Estrie, Diane Breton, to the idea of ​​moving the traditional meal of his usual place.

“This year we had a desire for change and instead of going to a hotel or elsewhere to celebrate Easter, we decided to bring the whole family to the sugar shack. We did not know if we made a good shot, but the response we have today. Everyone is really happy and many wondered particularly if they could eat the ears of crunches! ”

“This is a golden opportunity for them. We go out of our comfort zone, we are in the bait, no locker room, but we are very happy, “says Breton with a grin.

The Old Friends that can not move have not been forgotten. The day before Easter and the preceding days, volunteers, arms full of gifts and flowers visited nearly 130 seniors confined to their homes.

Each year, more isolated seniors are swelling the ranks of the organization with over 250 members today.

“We always increases, but this is not because there are more single seniors and forgotten by everyone in Sherbrooke, but because we have a good social safety net with people who we refer them. We’re here for. We have more people, more volunteers, more donors and we always need more, because there are plenty of volunteers matched daily with seniors who are faithful to them until the last day. ”

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