The opponent Khodorkovsky calls a “revolution” against Putin

pays-connu-coup-etat-anticonstitutionnelThe opponent in exile and former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky Wednesday called for a “revolution” in Russia, denouncing a “coup” of President Vladimir Putin he judge power “illegitimate”.

“The country experienced a coup unconstitutional condition: illegitimate and draconian laws have been taken by an illegitimate parliament, they are applied by an illegitimate power and justice is not independent,” said he has since London at a press conference broadcast by video in Moscow.

“To return to the rule of law, we need a revolution. The revolution is inevitable and obligatory, “he stressed. It “can be peaceful. It is our duty to ensure that it be “.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who spent nearly ten years in prison after his arrest in 2003 and his conviction for “theft by large-scale fraud” and “tax evasion” admitted “not knowing when is the revolution or who will “.

“But I will do everything in my power to ensure that the rule of law back and (Vladimir) Putin for its actions before an independent court,” he said.

The former CEO of Yukos oil company, pardoned in 2013 by Putin, has assured that the policy of “no interest” but he “could not stand idly by.”

Convened Monday by the Russian justice suspected of having ordered the assassination of a mayor in Siberia 17 years ago, Khodorkovsky said that the investigation of this case was “politically motivated”.

“It is an old tradition of the Russian government out of old files” against opponents, he said, adding “refuse to participate in this show.”

The victim, Vladimir Petukhov, mayor of Nefteyugansk was, a city that was installed a former subsidiary of Yukos oil company, then owned by Khodorkovsky. The former security chief of Yukos, Alexei Pichugin, was sentenced in 2007 to life in prison for the killing.

Khodorkovsky accused the court to reopen the case closed in 1998 in response to information revealed by his Open Russia movement on the Spanish judicial investigation into alleged links between the Russian mafia and relatives of Mr. Putin.

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