The opposition fears that the STM Montreal privatizes

manque-engagement-pour-transport-communThe year 2015 was to be that of transportation, but the administration Coderre was lower than that of the former mayor Gérald Tremblay in this regard, denounces the opposition at City Hall. Project Montreal is concerned that the city seeks to privatize the carrier.

The opposition has released this morning a second ballot for the midterm Coderre administration, this time focusing on public transport. Again, Montreal Project was very critical in giving low ratings to the mayor.

Luc Ferrandez believes that Denis Coderre has “autopelure de bananisé” by declaring 2015 as the year of transportation. Far from being a model year, the opposition leader said that “the year was absolutely catastrophic. The Coderre administration proves infinitely less than the Tremblay administration on issues of public transit. ”

Montreal regrets in particular that the project Coderre administration has stopped following the 2008 Transportation Plan, a document “extremely intelligent” which put the table until 2020. “Montreal is not due for a new transport plan, but for a new mayor, “commented Luc Ferrandez.

Fear of privatization

This lack of commitment to public transit by Coderre administration fears the opposition that Montreal be tempted to give this responsibility to the private. “We must ask the question of privatization of the STM. One has to wonder if it’s not it’s goal, “expressed concern Luc Ferrandez.

The opposition leader believes that the STM pass to private hands would be catastrophic. “Privatization, it would mean to shift more of the burden on users of public transit. Privatization, it would eliminate routes that are not profitable, which would mean there would be less public transport in poorer neighborhoods. It means that the development would still be subject to profitability, “continued Luc Ferrandez.

For tolls

If the mayor Coderre was right to fight against the establishment of a toll on the Champlain Bridge, Montreal would do well to put tolls on all bridges, said Project Montreal. If the position may seem paradoxical, it is not, provides Luc Ferrandez.

Put a toll on a single bridge would have a “catastrophic” effect. But deploying such a system on all decks, motorists would be asked to pay for their actual use of roads.

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