The Oxygen House is threatening to close its doors

1157775In lack of funding, the House Oxygen Estrie (MOE), a housing resource for parents and children in distress, will close on April 1.

The EOM received 60 parents and 120 children for four years. Five families therefore meet in the street on April 1, announces the organization in a press release. Others are on a waiting list.

The community organization of Victoria Street offers psychosocial accommodation for fathers and children since 2012 in Sherbrooke. EOM supports fathers and children living a situation of distress related to family problems, social, financial, psychological or personal.

The EOM was able to survive until now through a significant commitment to the community and partners who believed in the relevance of such a resource. However, despite this support despite size and that talks are underway with the Network of Health and Social Services, the MOE is currently found in a financial bind.

Its coffers will be empty on March 31, it is added.

Management calls for help to raise 25 000 $ in the short term to continue its operations.

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