The party Sherbrooke Citizen appoints interim leader

-raymond-gaudreaultRaymond Gaudreault was officially appointed interim party leader Sherbrooke Citizen.

He who was active in the group against the disappearance of Brompton and that was the origin of the creation of the new party will not however be in line to face the incumbent mayor, Bernard Sévigny, in 2017 elections.

Mr. Gaudreault is among the seven members of the elected Executive Council on March 6 when creating the party. On March 12, at the first meeting of the committee, it was unanimously chosen to fill his new role. In a statement, the party Sherbrooke Citizen announces that a general meeting be held in the coming months in order to organize such a nomination meeting to choose a candidate for mayor. Several people have already expressed interest.

Evelyn Beaudin, spokesman of Sherbrooke Citizen, said the executive first ruled on some fundamental principles. “We have established that the chief could be part of the executive and that he had the right to vote, but it does not stand for election to allow equal opportunity for all candidates. The nomination of Mr. Gaudreault was the only one that has been suggested. It was clear he did not wish to stand for election. It is the origin of the party and we wanted someone who had a clear commitment to long term in Sherbrooke Citizen. ”

Ms. Beaudin confirms that next year at the latest, the nomination process for the leadership will be engaged. “We already have several potential candidates, especially people who are already displayed is that people who were more discreet. We can not say beyond doubt that there will be a leadership contest, but for me there will be. Beyond the interest shown to date, there has to be a willingness to take action. ”

“It will coordinate the party and will help those whose responsibilities will be heavier.”

Meanwhile, Raymond Gaudreault will not have a mandate to provide public opposition to Mayor Bernard Sévigny. “His leadership will be expressed internally. He will coordinate the party and will help those whose responsibilities will be heavier. His role is a strategic planning to prepare the ground for the next leader. ”

The executive committee also gives a week to collect the latest signatures needed to obtain official recognition of the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec (DGEQ). “We feel the urgent need to adjust its work with the Chief Electoral Officer to be able to launch a website and inform people. ”

Beaudin Evelyn admits that the interest shown for the party until now surprises. She believes that, therefore, it is inevitable that several candidates covet the same districts to represent the party in the next elections.

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