The pastor accused of sexual assault released

ancien-pasteur-pentecotiste-saint-romuald(Quebec) The former pentecostal pastor of St-Romuald, Dale Peck, who was accused of sexual assault on four young faithful, was able to recover his freedom on Monday under severe conditions.

The 56 year old man, who lives in Hong Kong for nine years, where he married, does not have the right to leave the province. His passport is already confiscated.

After having heard the inquiry under bond that has lasted nearly two days, the judge Johanne Roy comes to the conclusion that, if the pastor today a teacher has not used illegal means, “he has made every effort to not have to face the judicial system”.

A dozen conditions to be met and a financial commitment of $ 55,000 to come, however, to ensure that, in the eyes of the judge, the presence of the accused in the court.

Dale Peck is accused of having committed a variety of touching the genitals of four young girls aged 10 to 16 years. He has known the complainants and their families between 2003 and 2006 while he was the pastor of the church of the Full Gospel in Saint-Romuald.

Peck has resigned abruptly from his post in January 2007. After his departure, the new pastor read to the community a letter written on his hand. “I have had contact with inappropriate with young girls and they are injured, I am aware of it,” wrote the pastor resigned.

As of February 2007, the police of Lévis has tried to attach it to the question. A warrant of arrest has finally been launched in June. Dale Peck has left the country in August 2007 only to come back a few weeks ago, on the occasion of a reunion of his old college, to Victoria in British Columbia. He was arrested at that time.

The accused claims that during all these years, he never tried to hide; he remained in the same housing in Hong Kong and would have used credit cards in his name.

Nevertheless, it had broken completely with all those who brought back to its past lévisien, noted the judge, Roy, and has never recalled the police officers who were trying to join.

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