The penalty could be revised Raif Badawi

conjointe-raif-badawi-ensaf-haidarThe Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia would be prepared to revise the blogger Raif Badawi case, sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for criticizing Islam and the Saudi regime.

In Sherbrooke, where she fled with her three children, the spouse of Mr. Badawi SCSTA Haidar, appeared confident Wednesday to see a reduction in the heavy sentence imposed on him after an official of the Saudi Ministry of Justice informed her of a review of the case.

The Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe, visited Wednesday afternoon to Ms Haidar of the residence where he urged the federal government to intervene with Saudi Arabia so that the country frees Badawi.

For him, Ottawa must intervene directly and act “in the name of human rights.”

Gilles Duceppe says he wants to be optimistic but prudent cheek.

“We must be vigilant. They can set certainly, but also modify it for the decline or increase, “he warned, surrounded by reporters outside the residence of Mrs Haidar.

The Bloc leader believes that its intervention is not intended to attack the Harper government but to ask him to intervene at this crucial time for his release to address an ongoing situation.

Recalling Conference of the coalition of countries against the Islamic State held recently in Quebec, he felt that Canada should take advantage of this context to intensify pressures.

“It makes no sense to be served a sentence medieval. And Ms. Haidar bragged reception it receives here and the Canada and Quebec are ready to welcome Badawi, “said the leader of the Bloc.

The Saudi court had however recently confirmed that Mr. Badawi, aged 31, will serve his sentence, even adding that the decision was final.

Raif Badawi, who was arrested three years ago, has been one meeting of lashes. The others that were planned were postponed because of his health.

The cause of the blogger went around the world and Badawi received lots of support.

In Quebec, Amnesty International was also involved in the file.

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