The performance of F-35 called into question by an American study

controverses-f-35-americains-pourraientThe controversial F-35 US may not be as efficient as airplanes outstanding fighter at present – including Canadian CF-18 – according to the report from an American think tank specialized in foreign affairs.

The National Security Network is the latest organization to raise doubts about the US fighter aircraft program, which has accused many delays, in addition to exceed the budget.

The report compares the operational capacity of F-35 to those of the models they are supposed to replace, in this case the F-16, F-18 and A-10. In all cases, the new model is lagging behind compared to the other.

The news organization to reassess the Obama administration “seriously” the program and whether other options could be considered.

Yet the reproduction of the older model F-16 appeared to require only minimal design changes, experts note. Despite this, the older aircraft could move faster and they come with a better wing loading – an important component to gain speed. In addition, the F-16 was easier to maneuver than the F-18.

The Harper government has put on hold the purchase of 65 F-35 aircraft after the Auditor General was accused of having underestimated the costs and taking a decision without doing sufficient research. The Conservatives plan to extend the life of the CF-18 to 2025.

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