The pitiful state Route 257 reacted

temporairement-vitesse-50Spring will go by and look on the road 257 between Saint-Adrien and Ham-Sud. multiple holes, valleys, surface accumulation of silt make it is risky to venture there. Moreover upon entry of this road via Ham South, Poster temporarily limiting speed to 50 km / h also indicates that the traffic moves to user risks.

On Thursday, a delegation of the Prefect of the MRC des Hugues Grimard Sources, the Director General of the MRC Frédéric Marcotte, the mayor of Saint-Adrien Pierre Therrien and the mayor of Ham-Sud Georges St. Louis will travel to Quebec, office of the Minister of Transport to try to unlock the repair record including the asphalting of the road to join the two municipalities involved. The delegation will be accompanied by the member of the Richmond County Karine Vallières.

Since the mid 90s, the responsibility of this road has devolved by Quebec municipalities of Saint-Adrien and Ham-Sud. Now, a first fixed estimate to $ 10 million for the work required to state that road, a cost which can not be borne by these small municipalities, with 509 inhabitants in Saint-Adrien and 215 in Ham-Nord.

Each year long, requests were sent to the Department of Transportation for financial assistance to solve the existing problem.

“This road must be surrendered to the Government of Quebec for its repair and maintenance.”

At the last provincial election, the MP Karine Vallières has made a priority of its commitment to the environment and intends to act upon. The challenge is to find ways to help these municipalities, even in the absence of facilitating programs.

An important factor to consider is the development of the regional park of Mount Ham, located along the road, which has to have an adequate and passable road at all times.

The Prefect of the MRC, Hugues Grimard, recognizes that the file is not easy, but that solutions must be found for the investments of the park are profitable. “This road must be surrendered to the Government of Quebec for its repair and maintenance. We need to get a road worthy of this site, including access appropriate. ”

For Mr. Grimard, realizing the reconstruction of this road requires a short-term planning in respect to temporary maintenance while the longer-term planning must begin as soon as possible for a complete refurbishment and paving of route 257, the current state of play is unacceptable in order to develop the regional park of Mount Ham.

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