The Plan Nord, a large hard seduction

defi-attirer-investisseurs-quebec-ne(Sept-Iles) The great seduction of foreign investors is not an easy task for the Quebec government, which is struggling to tie the funding of 17 large mining projects in the Plan Nord territory.

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, also responsible for the Plan Nord, Pierre Arcand, was in Sept-Iles on Thursday to inaugurate the regional branch of the Société du Plan Nord.

“It’s sure it will always be a constant battle to get investors because we are not alone in the world, said in exclusive interview to the Sun, the Minister of Energy and Resources Natural and Minister responsible for the Northern Plan, Pierre Arcand.

“[The Plan Nord] does not mean instant growth, we must work hard for that. […] There are cycles, supply, demand, we can not live in a perpetual boom, “he continued, met Thursday in Sept-Îles on the sidelines of the inauguration of the regional branch of the Société du Plan Nord.

Quebec does not skimp elsewhere on ways to promote its flagship project around the globe in recent months. The Prime Minister has just returned from a trade mission to Mexico and his Minister of Economy, Innovation and Exports, Jacques Daoust, was particularly in China in September.

A group of six companies also plans to move to New York by the end of November to try to recruit partners for their projects. “The solicitation must be done continuously, permanently. We are not talking small projects, we talk about billions of dollars of projects, “he recalls. “It takes human contact.”

And the challenge of attracting investors in Quebec does not take that down cycle of metals, assures Mr. Arcand. “The problem is not just the state of the economy also means that there is a lot of people in there. Africans are aggressive, Australians have increased their production. We are not alone to seek. ”

“Sell salad”

Yet Quebec says have several “assets” for a spot on the world stage beginning with access to hydropower and port facilities “extraordinary” in Sept-Îles, maritime exit of major mining projects the Labrador Trough.

“Failure of Quebec, it is often that we are far from emerging countries, so make sure to be competitive, to have quality infrastructure and correct energy costs. We must sell our salad, “says Pierre Arcand. And access to infrastructure, “spine” of the Plan Nord must be done with the help of Ottawa, he said.

“This is an important, Québec can not only be to invest. If the Nordic Development is a Canadian priority, you will have it reflected in the future. “Quebec and Ottawa in July announced an aid of $ 26.5 million for telecommunications in Nunavik. “This is the kind of improvement which we will move in the right direction.”

More exploration

Minister Arcand also has in its cartons fill the resource portfolio on the industrial Plan Nord territory by promoting mineral exploration, he wishes to increase “significantly.” “We need that in the next budget, we have tax credits for exploration to find new sources of ore every kind.”

“We often talk about depression iron or aluminum, but there are other resources that are in demand,” he added. For now, Quebec guarantees that the concrete result of international selling, but refused to specify details in the context of global competition.

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