The PQ and the Bloc always hand in hand

chef-parti-quebecois-pierre-karlOfficially, the leader of the Parti quebecois (PQ) met on Saturday at The Assumption, the presidents of the 125 constituencies and 17 regional associations of his party. But in fact, Pierre Karl Péladeau gave a strong blow to spur his troops to redouble their efforts in order to exit the Bloc québécois is in the unfortunate position where it is located since the last federal elections.

In a speech delivered without notes, the leader of the parti québecois has galvanized the troops, promising that the PQ would now campaign on his fundamental option, the sovereignty. No question of dodging this debate under the pretext of reassure some voters more cautious.

At the microphone, the interventions have come to reinforce this strategy, we learn at the end of the meeting, which was held behind closed doors.

Before the journalists like behind closed doors, some deputies pq members present appeared not to worried at the prospect of supporting the Bloc québécois, which had only two mps in the House when the Parliament was dissolved.

“We know that there is a large hill to go up”, has entrusted one of them to The Press. “Everyone understands that it is necessary to tighten the ranks, regardless of the condition of the premises,” she said another participant.

“This is nothing new [support from the PQ to the Block]. It has always been like that”, also said Gilles Duceppe, on a confident tone. The chief bloquiste said to feel a strong support on the ground, especially because, according to him, the citizens “don’t know,” the ndp members who represent the past four years.

Because all the efforts will be turned to the federal election campaign, the PQ will not achieve its goal of campaign financing for the year, set at $ 1.2 million. The party, which is 55 % of its target, and will take over the work of collecting funds after the elections on 19 October. The director of the Parti québécois, Alain Lupien, will also be assigned full-time to the campaign of the Block.

In a short speech, Gilles Duceppe has said that the fund of his party made it possible to make the current campaign. After the general council of the Block, on the 7th of September, the pace of the campaign is expected to accelerate. Announcements, official slogan and posters custom will be unveiled. The party still retains a few reservations : the final sprint will begin once the televised debates ended.

And in the event of the election of a minority conservative government, the Bloc does not exclude support a coalition that would block the road to the troops of Stephen Harper. “This time, since it is the majority, I do not see how to build bridges with Stephen Harper,” said Gilles Duceppe. “The other two parties have positions that it would be easier to support. There would be no blank cheque, however”, he warned.

The Block would therefore never be a member of a coalition, but it “might” support it, or even pull up behind the opposition party, according to its chief.

The PQ romanced the young
Once the federal election campaign ended, the director of the Parti québécois (PQ), Alain Lupien, will be the recruitment of young people for the Parti québécois, its first objective. The activists from 18 to 30 years old often lack the call, he says, while the PQ has a lot of support among voters over 55 years of age.

The PQ held a national council at the end of November. The committee in charge of organizing the next congress, probably in the fall of 2016, will then be formed. As has already been announced that Pierre Karl Péladeau, an Institute of the sovereignty will be established this fall, under the responsibility of the former mna Daniel Turp. Other changes have been mentioned behind the scenes, including the return of Anik Bélanger, former press officer under Bernard Landry, who will take over the service in the entourage of Mr. Péladeau.

On the other hand, Julien Lampron, director of communications under Pauline Marois, will soon be on its functions.

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