The PQ and the Bloc are “Siamese twins” according Peladeau

accompagne-gilles-duceppe-pierre-karl(Quebec) The Quebec and the Bloc Quebecois Party are like “Siamese twins,” said Pierre Karl Péladeau. But it will have nothing to conclude one of the electoral results obtained by the other.

While in Quebec as part of his cycling tour with the Bloc leader, Mr. Péladeau has shared its willingness to put their hands in the dough to help Gilles Duceppe during the campaign.

“I think it is important to work for the gathering of all independence forces, said the PQ leader. We are like Siamese twins. We will continue to work together because we share the same goal. ”

The controlling shareholder of Quebecor denies ever doubted the usefulness of the Bloc Quebecois in Ottawa. Last fall, The Press reported that in the face of young activists, he would have said “have always had a problem” with the Bloc who “absolutely worthless, except to justify federalism”.

“I did not suggest it, swear Mr. Péladeau. This is someone who claimed that I said that. But that’s not what I said. I had the opportunity to clarify it later. ”

Despite its support and efforts, the PQ leader does not intend to link the electoral result of the Bloc on 19 October in the support for his own training. “Every episode in his time, Mr. Péladeau said. There are federal elections. There will be those in Quebec in 2018. I do not think you can draw any conclusions whatsoever. The important thing is to engage. ”

The two leaders reiterated that the NDP did not defend the interests of Quebec during the term, including on issues of Davie and the TransCanada pipeline project.

The possibility of an election called in the next day does not change much the Bloc of game plan says Mr. Duceppe. A pre-campaign and campaign were true anyway provided financially and logistically for substantially the same period. But it remains “indecent” and “appalling” that the Conservatives stretch the campaign to be reimbursed over election expenses from public funds, he insists.

“The Conservatives are going to dip both hands in the pockets of taxpayers in August, crowded with vacationing, denounced Mr. Duceppe. I think it does not make sense. ”

Hamad mocked

Present a joint announcement of Canadian Minister Denis Lebel and Quebec Minister Pierre Arcand, the Minister responsible for Quebec Sam Hamad had fun encouraging Mr. Péladeau for “prudence on his bike.” “He must be careful not to fall again with Mr. Duceppe,” commented Mr. Hamad, smile. “We ask him to be very careful cycling.”

After an announcement on social housing with Minister Pierre Moreau Monday, Minister Lebel was back Thursday with Minister Arcand for an ad on the internet in the North. He later headed to Montreal for an announcement with Minister Robert Poeti on the illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

“The Conservative government is still there,” noted Minister Arcand, who does not want to interfere in the election. “He was duly elected. When will the election campaign, we will do more ads with the Conservative government, period. ”

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