The presence of Jeremy Roy remains uncertain

-jeremy-royThe Phoenix may arise in Shawinigan with alignment decimated the weekend.

Kay Schweri, Jeremy Roy and Jack Kilgour missed the last game of the 2015-2016 season due to injury, as Chase Harwell, who will not return until next season.

Matt Sartoris left the game against the Tigers and never returned. His playoff participation would be very surprising as the coach.

Trevor Stacey, suspended for seven games, was also missing Saturday. It may come back in the sixth game of the series is necessary.

And if the presence of Schweri during the first part of the series is likely, the state of Jack Kilgour will be evaluated daily.

In terms of Jeremy Roy, he awaits the final results of review. He was still wearing a protective boot on Saturday.

Lampron defenders Vincent and Chris Izzo should bring reinforcements.

Striker Nicolas Roy’s brother, Jeremy, could also receive a call from Sherbrooke.

The first meeting of the series will be held Friday in Shawinigan. After a second game Saturday at Gervais Auto Center, the Phoenix will host the Cataractes Tuesday, March 29 and Wednesday 30 March.

The Sherbrooke organization put its tickets on sale Monday.

In Shawinigan: Game # 1

Friday, March 25, 19 pm

Match # 2

Saturday, March 26, 16 pm

In Sherbrooke:

Match # 3

Tuesday, March 29, 19 pm

Match # 4

Wednesday, March 30, 19 pm

In Shawinigan:

Game # 5 (if applicable)

Friday, April 1, 19: 30 pm

In Sherbrooke:

Match # 6 (if applicable)

Sunday, April 3, 15 pm

In Shawinigan:

Game # 7 (if applicable)

Tuesday, April 5, 19 am

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