The promoter of the island continues Esso Quebec City

ilot-esso-quartier-montcalm(Quebec) The saga of the ESSO islet in Montcalm is not quite over; the developer continues Quebec City, oil and an engineering firm because he alleges that he was mistaken about the degree of contamination of the site.

During 75 years, the field at 75 René-Lévesque on the corner of Cartier, was an Esso service station. It was not until 2004 that oil facilities were dismantled.

As provided by law, contaminated soil were removed to Esso costs in summer 2005.

According to the report produced by the firm Biogenie – since become Includes – after decontamination, the site became fit for residential use.

Quebec City acquired which became Esso island in December 2006 and put on sale in spring 2011.

The Miradas Realty Corporation David Grondin, reassured by the report Biogenie, decides to file a tender offer of $ 361,000. Quebec City accepts the offer and yields the ground.

A second environmental assessment and new excavations are disillusioned property developer.

According Miradas, contamination by oil is still important. The developer notifies Quebec City in May 2014 that the invoice refilera new decontamination work.


The developer says that these unforeseen decontamination work cost him more than $ 300,000 and delayed the three-month construction schedule.

Delays, commercial tenants, Starbucks coffee and chocolates Favorites demanded and received financial compensation.

Residential housing, also scheduled for December 2014 have been delivered in March 2015, depriving the rental income promoter.

“If Miradas had been fully informed of the state of contamination of soil, she would never have agreed to acquire the building,” says the developer.

In addition to continuing the City of Québec, the developer Miradas also attacks Esso which, he said, “has breached its obligations under the Quebec Environment Act and applicable regulations.”

The Miradas property company believes in the Application filed in the Superior Court this week that “Esso and the City enjoyed a sales price does not represent the market value of the building and fired in an unjustified profit.”

Alleged errors

It also includes in its pursuit Biogenie the firm (Covers) because, he alleges, she “committed serious errors when writing reports.”

The developer concludes that he was “misled” by the City of Quebec, Esso and Biogenie upon acquisition.

The real estate company Miradas calls for more $ 621,000 to the three defendants.

June 2011

David Grondin promoter Miradas Lands Company buys Quebec City the site of the former Esso service station on the corner of Cartier Avenue and René-Lévesque Blvd.

December 2012

The independent councilor Anne Guérette publicly opposes the seven-storey project in this sector where zoning allows four floors.

Spring 2013

The developer has a project of six floors with 30 condo units, for sale at a cost of about $ 225,000, and shops on the ground floor.

Summer 2013

Strongly criticized by some citizens considered too imposing his size, the six-storey building project was discussed for hours and rejected at a meeting of the Montcalm neighborhood council. The Esso island became a symbol of what promises to be a challenge for the municipal elections of November 3: densification and vertical construction.

November 10, 2013

A referendum. Citizens of neighboring areas of the pitch of the island Esso reject 77% of the project building six floors. The developer will return to the charge a few months later with a building of 21 housing units on four floors. As it meets the zoning, there can be no referendum.

January 2014

Elected borough of La Cité-Limoilou, including Anne Guérette give green light to the new draft.

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