The prosecutor Jean-Roch Parent covers freedom

procureur-jean-roch-parent(Quebec) The Crown prosecutor Jean-Roch Parent (photo), charged with criminal harassment, intimidation, breach of undertaking and breach of his conditions of release, covering his freedom after spending the last week behind bars.

Judge Guylaine Tremblay agreed to the release of the accused after his third arrest in three months, which occurred on 24 July. Following its investigation of release continued Thursday at the Quebec courthouse after time had failed to finish on Tuesday.

The 37-year-old appeared in the dock just as thin and with the same tired he posted two days earlier. He who is representing himself answered the cons-examination of Crown Attorney on file, Geneviève de Passillé. Several family members were present in the room to support it. It is impossible to reveal the facts of the case which are subject to a publication ban.

Arrested on May 26

Mr. Parent was first arrested on May 26 for harassment against a victim. Facts that occurred between December 13, 2014 and June 7 He was released on a promise to appear. The police arrested him again on June 12 for breach of commitment. He then appeared before a judge who imposed several conditions of release, including no attempt to contact the complainant or being within 500 meters of that person, to abstain from consuming alcohol and comply with a curfew.

On July 24, the lawyer found himself for the third time behind bars. This time he was accused of not respecting his release conditions. In his case also added a charge of intimidation and harassment to another on a second victim.

After analyzing the evidence before him, Justice Tremblay agreed to hand the prosecutor freedom by imposing more stringent conditions, including that to stay with his mother until September 1. He will be there between 23h and 6h. It has also agreed to pay a security deposit of $ 2500 with deposit. Parent must pay a deposit of $ 5,000 without deposit. Added to this are prohibited contact with three people and the prohibition of alcohol and being in bars, among others.

The case will continue on August 28th at the Quebec City courthouse.

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