The Quebec City region hit by the Liberal wind

heure-fete-lundi-militants-liberaux(Quebec) Liberal rally the Quebec region has resulted in several effusions of enthusiasm on Monday night as the good news accumulated hunting table. But at 10:32 p.m., the official announcement of a majority government, supporters literally exploded with joy, even if no candidate from the region had been formally brought to power.

“The road was long, but it has been worth it,” were the first words of the young Joel Lightbound a 27 year old lawyer elected in Louis-Hébert, who congratulated his opponents, including the incumbent, the NDP Denis Blanchette. Mr. Lightbound restored the riding for the Liberals after an eclipse 15 years. Hélène Scherrer had won in 2000.

“I can not describe how it makes me proud to be a representative of Louis-Hébert in Ottawa, said Mr Lightbound in his speech. I will be worthy of your trust. Choose a political party is like choosing the mother of his children, it is not an easy task. I am proud of my political family. We’ll find Canada a more just, more compassionate, more responsible. For this company I got into politics. A new day dawns on the country. ”

At 23:15 the confirmation of the victory of Jean-Yves Duclos, in the riding of Quebec, has again caused a wave of joy at the restaurant Brynd on Lebourgneuf Boulevard. Accepting with “extreme humility and extreme recognition,” the new member has received the message of the people as “a strong desire for change.” He repeated his campaign credo: “With your support, my commitment will make sense and value.”

The return of the Liberals in Quebec

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