The Quebec City region is gaining across the board, according to Hamad

important-pour-travailler-avec-elus(Quebec) The region will benefit from the appointment “probable” by Justin Trudeau a minister in Quebec, but also the work of a strong conservative opposition, said Minister Hamad.

The head of the National Capital Region did not find the lack of easy Conservative federal minister in Quebec in recent years.

“It always takes a minister in the Quebec City region, said Mr. Hamad, today. This is what has been missing with the Conservatives. We had no minister. It was not obvious. ”

The deputy minister of Louis-Hébert is delighted that Quebec has several representatives in Ottawa in the Canadian government. He intends to meet all elected members to discuss local issues. “What is important for me is to work with the Liberals elected to increase the benefits for the region, Mr. Hamad said. And we will use the opposition Conservatives to help us in the files. ”

The region is never as well served when the provincial and federal ministers are working together with the Mayor of Québec to advance projects. For Hamad, the result of Monday’s election brings many “good news”.

In Quebec, it is appropriate, many voters overwhelmingly supported the economic record of the Harper government. “I think the Liberal government will do a good job also in economics, says Hamad. (…) I am convinced that people will not be disappointed. ”

For its part, the lieutenant of the Parti Québécois for the capital, Agnès Maltais, believes that the election was a “referendum for or against Harper.” People who liked the Conservatives elected, she has analyzed, and those who wanted to get rid of, after flirting with the NDP, have understood that the PLC was the best way.

There was no particular message for the sovereignty movement in the election, she believes. In Quebec, “Bloc MP was zero and it was zero,” notes Ms. Maltais.

She welcomed the new Liberal Prime Minister who “made a good campaign.”

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