The RCMP website attacked after receiving threats of Anonymous

police3927The website of the RCMP has been down much of the afternoon Sunday just hours after the Anonymus group had threatened to avenge the death of a masked man shot by a RCMP officer in Dawson Creek British Columbia, July 16. Anonymous says the man was one of its militants and cyber attack would be only the first of a series of actions.

“Target: Down”. The Anonymus group shared on his Twitter account screenshots showing the failures of the RCMP website and its detachment in Dawson by saying that the target had been reached.

The RCMP remained silent at the situation. The Minister of Public Safety has not confirmed the cyber attack. “Our government is taking cybersecurity seriously and operates on the advice of security experts. We are monitoring the situation closely, “said Minister Blaney attaché, Etienne Rainville.

These failures occur within hours of the Anonymous movement had declared on social networks it intends to take justice for the death of a man who would be its members, he said.

According to the Bureau of independent surveys of British Columbia last Thursday, RCMP officers received a request for intervention concerning a man who disrupted an information meeting about a BC dam project Hydro. At the police arrived, a masked man stood outside the building and after a confrontation, he was shot. However, the Office did not confirm whether the masked man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which Anonymous has made its symbol.

Furthermore, the Office has not revealed the identity of the victim.

The group claims to have launched “Operation Anon Down” whose goal is “to take justice (and seek revenge if necessary) for our fallen comrade”, said the group in a video broadcast on these platforms.

“Anonymous did not stay idly by while one of us is killed […] We will certainly avenge one of us killed in the streets while demonstrating against the environmental policies of the Canadian government that destroy planet. ”

Activists also claim that the name of the agent involved in the incident will be made public. “Because the world has the right to know all the details of the killer cops.” He threatened to lobby the Canadian government and the RCMP to see justice done. Anonymous also uses the Global Anonymous Collective to go after the “cyber infrastructure of the internet RCMP.”

“We can not possibly prevent the killing of other Anons by police – but we can make sure to show them that there will be a high price to pay when they kill us,” concluded the collective.

Last month, the group claimed responsibility for cyber attacks several federal sites including the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Canadian Parliament, the federal single window or the Department of Justice of the site that were inaccessible a few hours.

The spokesman of the Minister Blaney emphasizes that the Conservative government has invested more than $ 94 million in cybersecurity strategy against cyber threats, cyber espionage and piracy.

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