The reception classes have doubled in the CSRS

-annee-record-avecNewcomers from abroad have never been so numerous that this year the School Board of the Region de Sherbrooke (CSRS), which had a record year although the latter is not yet complete. The organization hosted fifty Syrian students.

Afghan students, twice as many as last year, also swelled the numbers. In recent months, reception classes have emerged in schools that did not, as Holy Family primary and secondary Montcalm.

In total, according to the latest available data, 316 new immigrants (immigrant) made their arrival at a school in the CSRS since the beginning of the school year.

“The year we had the most arrivals, we had 262 students. And here we are at 316, to mid-March, “illustrates Stephane Dupuis, administrative officer in the service of educational resources CSRS. “There could still be other” notes Mr. Dupuis referring to the figures put forward by Quebec. “We started the year with 11 classes, and went to 22. Twenty-two is also a record!” He notes.

The Holy Family School, which had no reception class, will soon have three.

Viviane Guimond, coordinator at the service of educational resources CSRS, notes that the route of some 316 entrants from immigrant can vary: students can meet in reception class or be integrated into regular classes with measures francisation .

“We had all kinds of integration activities to promote culture, foster the exchange.”

Fifty Syrian students made their arrival in classes since the beginning of the school year. The number of newcomers, there are also young people who come from the Central African Republic (34), the Democratic Republic of Congo (34) and Ivory Coast (21).

How are schools to successfully integrate these new students? “We had all kinds of integration activities to promote culture, encourage the exchange,” notes Annie Brochu, psychoeducator to host protocol to the CSRS. Some initiatives have existed for several years, such as sponsoring an immigrant student by another student. This pairing works really well, says Mr. Dupuis. The color of the projects varies from one school to another: class exchange, correspondence between schools …

Before determining the schooling, meetings were held with students to try to see what their particular educational background, issue of directing in reception classes or in a regular classroom with francization measures. There are reception classes at Quatre-Vents, LaRocque, Mary Queen, Holy Family, at the International School of the Lighthouse, the Ascent and Montcalm.

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