The reign of violence in social networks

coz(Quebec) “Big bitch,” “Go kill you” … On social networks, young people are sometimes terribly wicked, violent and vindictive towards their comrades.

“It’s impressive what is being said. These are insults, threats, they make them, “reports the Sun psychoeducator the high school of the city, Valérie Brisson.

Yet these unwanted comments, they would not dare throw them face to face with the victim. “It is much easier for them to say:” Fuck, big bitch “in front of a screen. […] There are fewer filters. They feel they can allow a little more. ”

Surprisingly few denounce these remarks clearly unreasonable. “No, it’s not normal to be treated as” big bitch “on Facebook,” she must explain. “It is as if, for them, it becomes normal to be treated like that.”

Striking example

A striking example: Ms. Brisson talking about this teenager who published mutilation picture on his page of a social network. And “friends” to insult sharply to send a “Go kill you” … The teenager has not denounced. Rather his girlfriend who felt the need to talk about.

In high school, they have almost all of the accounts on social networks, says Valérie Brisson. They talk, flirt, insult, out of sight of parents.

Unacceptable attacks published in cyberspace, “is weekly manages that,” she assesses. “There is a lot of work to do on social skills.”

In the city, there is therefore working to educate teens in this area. “It is a proactive school!” On the menu, social skills, citizenship, conflict management, emotional management, self-help groups to learn how to respond to bullying … Understand also how to interact in the Web: “Are you aware that 500 people are going to see that?”

From school to home

Also, a law adopted in 2012 to combat bullying and violence in schools gives greater powers to the schools, notes Ms. Brisson. They can occur even when the threats and other attacks are made outside the walls, even in the evening or on weekends.

A phenomenon undervalued
The cyber center with Quebec think the phenomenon of cyberbullying among young people is underestimated because most cases are treated in the walls of schools, without advertising.

“We who visit more than fifty schools per year for five years to discuss with school personnel, we find that cyberbullying is often manage internal and little or no charges are brought by Subsequently, “observes executive director, Cathy Tétrault. “This does not mean that there was no evil. That does not mean they do not exist either. ”

Ms. Tétrault jumped by reading The Sun Thursday. There we learned that a group of experts appointed by the National Assembly concluded that the phenomenon of bullying in cyberspace “is sometimes overrated by the media and the population.” Around 7%, 8% of young people are victims in high school. The authors added: “It is impossible to conclude that upward trend of problem behaviors among youth.”


Cathy Tétrault fears these statements. Redoute mostly they serve as a justification for inaction. “I found that the report does not really represent what happens in schools.”

“Far be it from us to overstate the problem, we believe more correct to insist nevertheless on the importance and magnitude of the phenomenon. We know from the principals, we find that cyber bullying is of concern, very present. ”

Also, bullying on the Internet has a greater range than the projected insult in the school yard. The hearing is increased tenfold, she observes. “[Young] are so often on the technologies they trivialize some impact. […] They do not have a manual. ”

Then Ms. Tétrault spoke about the young people who filmed a violent battle between girls rather than stop; they then uploaded the video on the Web. Or those boys who solicit intimate photos to share with friends. Or those teenagers who bully … teachers on the Web. “Young people really need to be supervised.”

Caillou joins the fight against bullying
Jasmin Roy Foundation can count on a partner for the least original during the Week against bullying and school violence that is beginning today. This is the famous character Caillou who offers him a push to raise funds. In a new book, darling toddler is being bullied. Each time a copy of the book, Caillou is afraid Theo will be sold between September 28 and October 4, a dollar will be donated to the Foundation. The president of the organization, Jasmin Roy, welcomes this initiative of Éditions Chouette, because he thinks that this story can be a good educational tool for children. He argues that “sometimes, the actions of the attackers appear very early.” To kill the problem in the bud, we must, says Roy, “show good behavior” for toddlers at a young age

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