The report of the Charbonneau Commission unveiled at 11 am

presidente-commission-juge-france-charbonneauThe final report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the construction industry, commonly called the Charbonneau Commission, will be released Tuesday at 11 pm.

The Commission sent a press call Monday afternoon, adding at the same time, the Commission’s President, Justice France Charbonneau, will speak. There will be no question period and no interviews.

The Commission also explained that it had notified the government that it was ready to submit its report. “The latter asked the Commission to make its report public,” says one.

The report will be posted on the Commission’s website. Some parts will be redacted to not harm certain police investigations. One might think that a record like that of Honoring involving the former mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt is concerned.

According to information from the press, the Quebec government would have no copy of the report. It is only Tuesday morning that he has in hand, just hours before its release.

It is the leader Jean-Marc Fournier, who should respond for the Government.

The Commission was established in autumn 2011 after nearly three years of resistance from the then Prime Minister Jean Charest and his team. Just days away from the Liberal Party convention in Quebec, Mr. Charest had announced the establishment of a committee without power to compel anyone to testify.

The opposition Parti Québécois had immediately called the commission “patent to kids.” Under pressure, Mr. Charest had changed his mind and created a real committee of inquiry with all the powers necessary to fulfill its mandate.

Public hearings began in May 2012 and was ended in Autumn 2014.

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