The Revenant and Leonardo DiCaprio at the top

realisateur-vedette-the-revenant-alejandroTwo odysseys of survival, The Revenant and The Martian, triumphed at the Golden Globes Sunday and promise to be the favorites for the prestigious Oscars next month.

The Martian, Ridley Scott’s epic or an astronaut left for dead by mistake on the Red Planet, won the Globe for best comedy and best actor in a comedy, returned to Matt Damon.

The Revenant, the vengeance of a trapper left moribund by teammates who betray and kill his son, won in the category of best dramatic film.

Alejandro G. Inarritu The Mexican won the Globe for best director and thus triumph again after being sacred Birdman Oscar for last year.

“I can not describe how I am surprised and proud to have this film survived in such good company,” said the filmmaker on stage at the Beverly Hilton, where was held the 73th Golden Globes ceremony.

The Revenant was filmed in very difficult conditions in northern Canada and Argentina, costing over $ 135 million.

DiCaprio favorite Oscars

Leonardo DiCaprio has meanwhile won her third Golden Globe for the lead role of the film: the legendary trapper Hugh Glass.

“This is a film about survival, adaptation, and above all on trust and there is no one who most deserves Alejandro G. Iñárritu our director,” said the actor of 41 years in the eyes blue, receiving a standing ovation.

It is now favored to the Oscar for best actor with this powerful performance for which he devoured a raw buffalo liver, spent hours lying in the cold and soaked in icy rivers.

While his character in the film is half Native American, he wanted to “share this award with all Native Americans and indigenous communities around the world.”

“It is time to listen to your voice and that we protect the planet for future generations,” he concluded.

Spotlight and The Big Short, who dominated the odds, came away empty-handed.

Among the actresses, is Brie Larson that emerged victorious for her portrayal of a mother poignant sequestered in Room. She paid tribute to her son on the screen, Jacob Tremblay, prodigy of nine.

Jennifer Lawrence won the Globe for best comedy actress for Joy, David O. Russell, his third hit movie with him.

“I want to be buried by your side!” She joked.

The Englishwoman Kate Winslet received a fourth Globe for Steve Jobs and the legend of Sylvester Stallone action films for her first Creed.

The presenter Ricky Gervais that animated the evening for the fourth time deployed its caustic humor and sometimes questionable, especially for Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck and Mel Gibson.

The Hungarian film about the Holocaust Saul’s son beat two French co-productions, and the all-new Mustang will for the award for best foreign film.

All three will again compete for the Oscar for foreign language film, at a ceremony that will crown the season price of Hollywood, February 28.


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