The Rouge et Or volleyball a challenge outset size

chef-pascal-clement-sa(Quebec) A heavy command expects the Rouge et Or of Laval University Thursday in opening the CIS men’s volleyball championship. Although Alberta Golden Bears are sixth in the table favorites, they form one of the teams to beat in the contested competition at McMaster University in Hamilton (Ontario).

“It’s a tough opponent, absolutely. They stumbled in the semifinals of their conference against Trinity Western, not anyone either. They are none the less a good team so far. For me, there has never been a doubt all season to the effect that would be the teams to beat Alberta, McMaster and Trinity, “Clement believed, the group ranked third because of his title RSEQ.

The mission of the Rouge et Or, who is in his 19th presence on the Canadian, will control the Alberta offensive and away the ball passer Brett Walsh MVP Wednesday. Member of the national B team, he led the Golden Bears to the national title in 2014 and 2015. Since 2005, Alberta has won five championships, against one for the UL (2013), which placed the Libero Vincent Thibault -Bernier on the second all-star team and Ethan Ellison ferryman on the recruits.

Ferryman a little magician

“The bar is very high, there is not much exposed to this level during the season. We had an emotional final against Montreal and very relieved, but still, physically, it is not often opposed to this kind of template in our conference. Alberta has an impressive offensive potential because of the athleticism of their smuggler, who has the ability to make great games, diversify their attack. It is a little magician, say … “indicated Clement, whose own smuggler is in its first campaign to the Canadian.

“Once we knew we were playing against Alberta, the watchword was to say that we would not at a Canadian championship for the easy road, it was never the case . This is a good challenge for us, as was the second game of the conference finals and we successfully met. We must excel in service and play aggressively to slow the attack of the opponent and by removing them as possible smuggler, “summed up one who like seeing the environment of the old PEPS in the small gym of McMaster.

Clement, a man in your frank and direct, is not defeatist, but it does not fall into partisanship excessively. “I did not feel like holding the fan of the Montreal Canadiens speech that says we will win the Stanley Cup every year … The fact remains that we will face a very big challenge and that it will play very good volleyball to get through an offensive machine like Alberta. But on a game, and we have seen in the past, volleyball allows the change of pace. It was lived against us and we did live to others … ”

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