The sale of condoms promising 21 prohibited orgasms

1095496The Regional Court of Dusseldorf call Thursday ordered the withdrawal from sale of condoms from a German retailer whose packaging promises users to reach up to 21 orgasms, judging this message “misleading”.

“Advertising for condoms with (the words)” A pack of seven units corresponds to 21 orgasms “is misleading,” said the court in its judgment, which states that “the consumer can thereby be deceived on the fact that a condom can in fact only be used once. ”

The court, which said that condoms are “medical products” disposable, is particularly concerned about their use by adolescents, stressing the need to properly inform the danger and are “ambiguous instructions.”

Berlin Einhorn condom distributor – Unicorn in German – had printed on the back of its packaging a series of humorous messages such “calories in 30 minutes of sex: about 350 kcal,” the warning in small print ‘may contain traces of fairy dust “or the controversial phrase on orgasms.

The German court has confirmed an August decision at first instance in the context of a dispute between Einhorn and a competitor.

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