The Senators propose two four-ice complexes

1309028-jean-gabriel-pageau-appui-projetThe Ottawa Senators officially propose the construction of two four-ice complexes in Gatineau, a project that is supported by players Derick Brassard and Jean-Gabriel Pageau in a video that began circulating on Tuesday.

Depositing the video on the YouTube platform was done without a drum or trumpet. “Only people with the link can see it,” he said on Tuesday under the video, whose description evokes two new centers of four windows of the Sensplex in the west and east of Gatineau.

Link to the video

Two Senators stars who played in the Outaouais in their youth, Derick Brassard and Jean-Gabriel Pageau, tout the idea in the video of about two minutes, as well as minor hockey representatives from the region.

The objective of this initiative is to “reiterate the interest of building multi-walled facilities in Gatineau” and to share the idea with the public, said the director of the development of the Senators, Patrick Pion, confirming that no formal discussion Has not yet taken place with the City, although discussions have taken place in recent years.

“The City knows that we would be interested in proposing solutions if it ever decided to close arenas,” he said. […] It is up to the City to decide on its plan for the deployment of arenas. We are ready to work with them, regardless of the process. ”

Negotiations with VSMO

Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin said he was “a little surprised at the method” used by the Senators. He says he recently talked with team officials “about their possible contribution to a number of the ice in the west”. “In the east, the decision is made, we do business with Vision Multisports Outaouais (VMSO), and we want to go to the end of this project,” he added.

Patrick Pion, who does not hide the fact that the Senators want to increase their presence in the Quebec market, notes for his part that he has “always talked about two complexes”. “We are aware that the City is discussing with VMSO and that in their project there is the possibility of building several ice rinks. In our first analysis, if the City decides to close six to seven ice sheets, they could be replaced with two four-ice complexes. We could also build a complex of four ice and another of two ice. ”

For Councilor Marc Carrière, who chairs the Commission on Recreation, Sports and Community Life, the Senators project does not disrupt the ongoing negotiations with VMSO for a future Guertin arena in place of the City.

“This formula [of the Sensxes] can be applied to Gatineau,” says Mr. Carrière. […] There is nothing that prevents us from working in parallel with all possible options, precisely to be able to serve the population and meet the needs. ”

The Senators, who propose in their video various statistics on the model of the Sensplex, do not hesitate to solicit the support of the population.

“Let’s give our kids a better place to play!” How can you contribute? Contact your councilor today, “says the end of the video.

For Mayor Pedneaud-Jobin, this strategy does not increase the pressure to carry out the negotiations in progress with VMSO. “I can not have more pressure than I have here,” he said.

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