The sisters Boulay set fire to the boards

-prestation-memorableTwo young women have thrilled the Theatre National Bank as ever Saturday night. The sisters Boulay chained parts at a frenzied pace, exhilarating spectator conquered by the talent of the two Gaspesiennes.

“Hello Chicout,” commented Melanie, the younger of the two sisters, with his soft voice, after the second song of the evening. Accompanied by Gabriel, their versatile musician, the duo gave a performance combining both rhythm, emotion, humor and sincerity. On paces reserved at first, the talented little sisters quickly demonstrated what stuff they warmed themselves.

In town to present pieces from their latest album, 4488 Love the sisters Boulay confessed to being a little anxious at the idea of ​​”playing in one of the biggest tour the facilities,” said Stephanie, the eldest of the family.

“We were told that the second album is always a little dangerous, it is less perfect than the first,” she added, making a nod to her younger sis.

In addition to have melodious voice, on the verge of sensuality, we must say that the duo has Boulay turn to board the crowd. Sometimes, we even felt we were part of the family, courtesy of some stories just as tasty as each other. To see the laughter of the young when her older sister told a slice of life, a safe bet that they were authentic!

Musical talent side, Melanie and Stephanie are not stitched verses either. The first was in harmony with his or her turquoise guitar mini acoustic guitar, while the second gratouillait his guitar with a natural ease, in addition to offering outstanding performance full of gentle piano.

A highlight of the evening-and it was not the alone- occurred when Melanie sang, solo, the piece away my my machine. The audience then joined their voices to that of the brunette, she seemed to enjoy.

A surprise guest

The fireworks that exploded too short evening in a somewhat unexpected. A spectator, André his first name, was called on stage by two young ladies. Invited to perform a solo piper, nothing less, he instead seduces everyone with his dance moves. The problem when it came time to blow into his instrument, the gentleman had not enough air to run …

Early in the evening, the man threw a joke in the first intervention of the sisters, becoming somehow become the scapegoat of Melanie. It has instead turned into a love story.

The provision was unofficially ended with success Give me a show smudge, but because of the acclaim nourished spectators, two reminders followed.

We bet that Boulay sisters from New Richmond, Gaspésie, enjoyed their visit to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

“You are exceptional and faithful to your reputation,” praised Stéphanie Boulay, visibly touched.

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