The site of the OSDH was attacked by pirates of the EI

attaque-inflechira-pas-volonte-osdhHackers claiming to be Islamic extremist group State (EIS) Wednesday reportedly attacked the website of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), according to the director of it.

The OSDH is an organization established in the UK which provides information on the conflict in Syria since its inception in March 2011, and reported the attacks and violations of human rights committed by the EIS. The information transmitted from the OSDH a ​​network of 230 employees established across Syria, said its director, Rami Abdel-Rahman.

Wednesday, Abdel-Rahman told The Associated Press that a photomontage of his face mounted on the body of a man kneeling in orange uniform with his side a hooded man holding a knife in his hand, was visible on the home page of the OSDH – inaccessible afternoon.

The image recalls the staged beheadings released by the Islamic State in the past. Piracy has been claimed by a group calling itself the Army of the Caliphate electronics.

The attack did not curb the projected will of the OSDH to report abuses in Syria, Rami Abdel-Rahman assured in a telephone interview. The Director stressed that the Observatory had received in the past the government of Bashar al-Assad’s threats, the EIS and the Al-Nusra Front, a group affiliated with Al Qaeda.

“We will continue our work of monitoring and reporting violations committed in Syria, no matter which side committed them,” he insisted.

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