The Six Nations Tournament introduces bonus points from 2017

b0fa5Small revolution in the Six Nations Tournament. The Six Nations Committee, which governs the organization of the competition, announced Wednesday that a system of bonus points will be introduced in the next edition, for a test year, as is already the case in all major Competitions. The winning team will receive an additional point if they convert four or more tries during the match. The losing team will win a point if it scores 4 tries or loses by less than 7 points, and two points if it scores 4 tries and loses by less than 7 points.

On the other hand, in order for the nation that achieves the Grand Slam (five victories) to be sure of winning the Tournament, the Six Nations Committee has also decided to award it three more points.

“We need to reward trials and an offensive style of play”
“The twists and excitement of the last weekend of the Six Nations tournament is unique and often comes from the fact that several teams with the same number of points are competing for the top spot of the table,” said John Feehan, CEO Of the Six Nations. It is important for us to ensure that a bonus point system does not change this dynamics in any way. Nevertheless, we are also aware that we must reward trials and an offensive style of play that will lead to more trials and will satisfy the fans and players. “We are delighted with the potential of this tournament initiative and look forward to testing it in February and March.”

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