The small Elissa Grondin is improving

grondin-vient-franchirThe small Elissa Grondin has just passed the critical stage of the 48 post-operation hours. Although still fragile, his condition is improving.

“Elissa goes 48 hours after surgery. His new heart is doing well and his body adapts well to change. […] The meetings with the experts continued, his liver and kidneys are beautiful and we look for the cause of pneumonia, but his lungs are improving. It saturates at 95%. Wow. Today the doctors said she is fine, but it’s one day at a time, in the first 48 hours, it was an hour at a time. Thank you all for your support, and above all a huge thank you to the donor family, we thoughts are with you, “says Josée Scatland, mother of Elissa, through a Facebook message.

She added in passing that we must continue to speak about organ donation.

“Transplant Quebec has never had a start to the year as busy as this year. […] Continue to raise awareness for organ donation,

is the story of a life, even if Elissa had its heart, other children around us waiting so. Thank you all make a difference! ”

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