The spark between Obama and Trudeau

trudeau-barack-obama-saluentBarack Obama, who leaves office in less than a year, and Justin Trudeau, who has access, posted Thursday in Washington their complicity and their commitment to further strengthen ties between the United States and Canada, head climate .

He campaigned on a message of hope and change, “said the US president in a reference to the slogan of his own campaign in 2008.” His positive and optimistic vision is an inspiration to young people. Internationally, his country is involved on climate change and development. From my point of view, what more? “He said, amused, receiving the Prime Minister in the gardens of the White House.

For the young Canadian officer, still in full swing in the polls four months after taking office, this official visit is an opportunity to highlight the profound change of course – and style – operated from its conservative predecessor, Stephen Harper.

From English to French, Trudeau praised the strong ties with the Americans’ allies, partners and friends. ” But also stressed its relationship with the 44th President of the United States, a “friend”, a “man of heart, but also intellect” of the experience which he said he wanted to build.

“Faced with the great challenges we face, our two countries have never been so in sync,” Obama said, announcing that he would travel to Canada this summer, where he will address parliamentarians in Ottawa .

Trudeau meets Obama in Washington

Economic ties between the two countries are extremely dense: 75% of Canadian exports go to the southern neighbor, Canada is the main destination for export of 33 US states.

National Anthems, 21 gun, passing in review of troops on the South Lawn of the White House: the Prime Minister and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, in a red and pink dress, were welcomed in style for this first visit for 19 years. The day was to end with a state dinner attended by some 200 guests.

Obama, who has cracked a “welcome friends” in French, praised the “wonderful children” the Canadian leader stressed the common values ​​of the two huge countries share the longest border in the world, but also reminded – smiling – an old rivalry on a sensitive issue: ice hockey.

Planet own legacy

Canadian Prime Minister spoke at length with Mr. Obama on the issue of climate, “for us to leave our children and grandchildren a cleaner planet.”

Just before the start of the ceremony, the two countries announced a joint target to reduce their methane emissions from oil and gas to meet, in the words of Obama, the “most ambitious agreement of the story in the fight against climate change “, concluded in Paris in December.

They are committed to reducing emissions by 40-45% by 2025 compared to their 2012 level, calling on other countries “to adhere to this objective” or set their own deadline.

The American executive, who has made climate one of its priorities, welcomed several times the “return” of Canada in the camp of countries “ambitious” on this topic.

Questions left out

The meeting between the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President, Barack Obama, has led to progress on some issues related to the Arctic, but many questions have been left out, according to experts.

MM. Trudeau and Obama have called for the adoption of a binding international treaty to ban commercial fishing in the area until more is known about the status of ecosystems.

The leaders also promised to work to develop waterways that have little impact on the environment and make decisions based on science and support Aboriginal. But they did not mention heavy grades of oil in the Arctic, the main source of black carbon emissions, accelerating the melting of snow and ice.

Professor of International Law at the University of British Columbia, Michael Byers estimated that Canada has agreed with US objectives

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